Kuujjuaq, Tasiujaq put on ‘red alert,’ Nunavik reaches 283 COVID-19 cases

Health board says it’s having trouble reaching residents to return test results

Tasiujaq is the fourth Nunavik community to be placed on “red alert” after the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services reported 12 active cases in the small village Thursday. (File photo)

By Jeff Pelletier

Kuujjuaq and Tasiujaq has been added to Nunavik’s list of communities under a “red alert” level as COVID-19 cases continue to climb across the region.

The Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services reported eight new positive cases in the community on Thursday evening, contributing to an active total of 12 cases. Tasiujaq has a population of under 400.

Under these restrictions, only essential services such as the store, co-op, health clinic and daycare remain open. All other non-essential businesses have been closed and activities have been cancelled.

Tasiujaq was the fourth community placed under these restrictions, joining Ivujivik, Puvirnituq and Kangiqsualujjuaq. Kuujjuaq became the fifth municipality added to red alert after the health board announced there was community spread, Friday afternoon. There were 34 cases in Kuujjuaq, the region’s biggest village, as of Thursday.

The rest of Nunavik is under “orange-plus” restrictions, which allow essential businesses to remain open, and only people who live alone to gather within a single household. Visitors are allowed for essential support services in nursing homes. These restrictions are the same as in the rest of Quebec.

The health board reported 85 new cases across the region on Thursday. The number of active cases reached 283, up from 214 the day before. The board also reported 16 new recoveries.

Kangiqsualujjuaq maintains the highest active case count. The village, which has a population of around 900, reported 27 new cases on Thursday, and a total of 110 active cases.

The health board says it has been delayed in delivering test results to residents due rising demands for tests, as well as issues contacting patients. People who are waiting for test results are advised to stay home until they have their results.

“We ask to people that are getting screened to give a valid phone number and/or email address as well as a phone number from a close and reliable person in the community,” the board posted on Facebook.

“If the person that tested positive cannot be contacted directly, the contact person will be able to follow public health instructions in order to safely communicate the result to the concerned person.”

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(3) Comments:

  1. Posted by Peter on

    My concern is this many vehicles at COOP today on the beer, wine run, majority of people in them not from the same households, guess its party on. Its all well to impose restrictions where is the enforcement, sanctions for those who do not follow them.

  2. Posted by In the red on

    Why not put all communities on red alert immediately. It’s coming anyway, just get a head start on it. It’ll be good to be ahead, could even save a life. But at least, it could give us an edge on getting through it better.

  3. Posted by Vaccinate on

    As can be read in Quebec news sources, mandatory vaccination are just weeks away. That means mandatory in the sense that the unvaccinated will have many more restrictions. It’s coming to a point that the unvaccinated will have no choice but to stay home. There will be very little access to anything for the unvaccinated. All this can be well understood in the context of how the unvaccinated are taking up hospital beds , and the vaccinated are being denied routine hospital care. We are seeing with omicron that more and more people are getting sick, even if omicron ha less viral power as compared to delta. More people means more deaths in the vulnerable, and children are showing up as well in Canadian hospitals with Covid, esthose kids younger than 4 years old. New Boris of unvaccinated mother’s are another concern showing up in emergency with Covid. It’s time authorities take this stand on the unvaccinated, it’s long overdue.


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