Taxi drivers aren’t charities


I was appalled to see Iqaluit Mayor John Matthews and five taxi drivers asking for donations because these guys lost all their belongings in a fire.

Are the mayor and these drivers taking us for fools? Many taxi drivers are drinking at the Legion and K-inn every night and day. Some taxi drivers are drug dealers and bootleggers and fool around with young women while they are under the influence. I know this because I’m there too at the Legion and K-inn on Sundays.

Just ask the RCMP. They know. They have files and complaints of drugs and booze being sold in town. It’s easy for drivers to get drunk, have sex, then call the RCMP to kick them out of their staff house.

Anyway, we all know Mr. Mayor that when a taxi driver can’t work because of a criminal record, he works for the city as a truck driver. Ask yourselves this question: How many ex-taxi drivers are working for the city? If taxi drivers need a criminal record search, then city employees should also be subject to a criminal record search. If not, then the city should be considered accomplices of these criminals.

And, last of all, when is the city going to mandate drug testing for all public works vehicle operators as well as taxi drivers?
The staff house that burned down had been out of code for years and should have been closed years ago. Why did you let it slide?

For the community, please don’t be fools and encourage this manner. Mr. Mayor, you should be more intelligent than anybody and an immediate apology should be given to your community. And the bank account should be closed and any money returned or put to a more needy cause.

I know that if a bank goes ahead with this savings account, then we as good citizens should boycott that bank and close our accounts.

I’ve been using taxis for eight years and there are many good cab drivers in town. As for the mayor and his administrators, it’s unfortunate to see so much lack of interest in getting priorities straight. Let me tell you I hope the citizens will make sure to eliminate this city council next election. And I hope we will have quality people to run this city once and for all.

Name withheld

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