Thank you from Annie Kopalie


I wish to thank the family and the community for their loving support on and after June 28, 2003, when my son Pauloosie died.

Special thanks to Ron MacLean and the Anglican church, Sara Phillips, Romaine Stevenson, the family members who served as pall bearers, the organist, Mike Simpson, Bryan Pearson, Erika Chemko, Todd Walsh, Jimmy Akavak, Brent Buckler, Tobi, Pitseolak Nowdlak and Jera Potts.

Thank you to Janet Onalik, our sister, who came in from Rankin Inlet, and a special thank you to Mary Potts who supported me from day one with my son, Pauloosie. A particular thanks to Qimaavik and young offenders, who brought food for the reception.

All gestures of support, food and flowers were truly appreciated.

Annie Kopalie

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