Thanks for donations to fire victims


As you are aware requests for donations, including cash donations, were made on behalf of the former residents of house 306.

An ad hoc committee was formed consisting of Annie Angoyuak, Trish Smith, Lee Smith, from Sailivik, Peter Hough, and Chris Wilson. Chris Wilson was asked to chair the relief committee.

The committee was organized primarily to disperse the fund donated by the public in response to the fire at house 306. It was only after the Iqaluit Firefighters Association pledged a donation and Nakasuk School students began collecting funds that it was realized that there was nothing in place to disburse these funds to the fire victims.

Sailivik was the intended recipient of the collected donations. As an organization, specific cash donations and their disbursement, is out of the scope of Sailivik’s operation. Lee Smith suggested that a committee be formed to assist in handling the public donations collected on behalf of the residents.

In total, $1414.00 was donated in cash and equally disbursed among the residents. In addition clothing, household goods and groceries were also donated and given out. All of the families involved have benefited from the donations of goods. Only one of the single residents has made use of the goods available to them at Sailivik.

The committee has purchased gift certificates from the Northern Store and it is hoped that these will be distributed to the families and residents. This will assist the victims in replacing household goods and groceries lost in the fire. The funds collected were disbursed evenly on a per person basis, with the balance going towards taxi vouchers for one of the families relocated in Apex.

On behalf of the families and former residents of building 306, the Relief Committee would like to thank the students at Nakasuk School, the Iqaluit Firefighters Association, Sailivik, and to Iqalungmiut who made donations of any kind to this relief effort.

If you require any clarification on this matter, I can be reached during the day at 979-5918 or evenings 979-6911.

Chris Wilson, Chairman 306 row Relief Committee

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