Thanks from visiting Pentecostals


We would like to express our appreciation to Rick Lefebvre and First Air for helping us to travel to Iqaluit. It was our desire to be a blessing and encouragement to the community, and First Air’s special rate made it possible for us to get here.

We in turn have been touched by the warmth of the people of Iqaluit in general and by your Mayor, Elisapee Sheutiapik, and MLA Patterk Netser in particular. Brian Twerdin made our coffee break at the Grind and Brew a memorable one. Pastor Wayne and Linda Moore of the Iqaluit Pentecostal Church were great hosts taking care of our every need.

It was our joy to visit the Elders’ Centre, the Women’s Homeless Shelter in Apex and the Men’s Homeless Shelter. We also held a barbecue mainly for children in Iqaluit and Apex. We trust that our gifts and prayers have helped to brighten the lives of many.

The beauty of your land has inspired us, as we have seen afresh the creative handiwork of God. We have enjoyed wonderful times with the believers of various churches in your city, and have marveled at the diversity of the cultures represented here.

Again, thank you First Air for your kindness.

Sandra Gill and the Women’s Team
Eastern Ontario District
Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada

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