Nunavut hip-hop creation wins best song at Canadian Screen Awards

Nunavut hip-hop artists Hyper-T and Thomas Matthew Lambe celebrate the award given to the song Trials at the Canadian Screen Awards in Toronto on March 31. The song, written by Lambe, was used in the Nunavut film The Grizzlies, for which Paul “Ike” Nutarariaq was nominated for best performance by an actor in a leading role and Anna Lambe was nominated for best actress in a supporting role. The names of music producer Dan General and Adam Tanuyak also appear in the nomination for the song Trials. The film will be released in theatres across Canada on April 19. (Photo courtesy of The Grizzlies)

By Nunatsiaq News

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  1. Posted by Inuk Person on

    Congratulations Hyper T and Thomass Matthew Lambe!

  2. Posted by mark on

    Pretty groovy!

  3. Posted by Say What? on

    Ummm so this is ok, but a First Nation woman throat singing is cultural appropriation? In a CBC article, Lambe states it is rap, which is traced back centuries to West Africa set to Fist Nations drums….so please someone explain the difference., as I am truly confused. II will say the song sounds very cool and I don’t even like rap. But still why is one cultural appropriation and the other not? Would like to hear from those who backed out of the IMAs, as they seem to be the experts.

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