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The cost of community involvement


Last month’s sitting of the legislature in Pangnirtung cost the government $14,000 more than it would have cost to hold the session in Iqaluit.

Finance Minister Kelvin Ng tabled the incremental costs in the legislature this week.

The department of the executive and intergovernmental affairs paid the bulk of the cost, at $10,000. The finance department paid about $2,000, the education department paid $1,700 and justice paid $450.

The legislative assembly’s costs are not included in the total and will be reported independently.

Pangnirtung’s Alookie School, where the session was held, was often filled with community residents during the sitting, which took place from Oct. 29 to Nov. 1. Committee of the whole sessions, often the most boring part of a day’s activities, were extremely well-attended, possibly because they were held in the evenings.

By comparison, there are generally few visitors to the gallery in Iqaluit who stay for more than a few minutes. And committee of the whole sessions are attended mainly by Nunatsiaq News reporters.

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