The dumbing down of Nunavut?


I just wanted to make a couple of comments on the editorial, “Dumbing down of Nunavut?” (March 21)

I personally feel that the GN needs to revise a lot of its job descriptions to — as they say — remove artificial barriers for Inuit. I don’t see this as a dumbing down, necessarily, that is if the exercise is a shift toward competency-based job evaluation and professional accreditation. Other jurisdictions in Canada have moved toward competency-based recognition for apprenticeship and internship programs.

And personally having gone through the Nunavut Unified Human Resource Development Strategy’s public careers program, I see potential for a tremendous job training initiative for Inuit. I think we should ask the GN through the MLAs to tie in a solid job training initiative for Inuit with the revision of GN job descriptions.

On a different note: I wonder if we should expect salaries and benefits to be “dumbed down.”

Jay Arnakak

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