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As the territory’s chief tourism agency, Nunavut Tourism’s main focus should be to market the region to potential visitors, but executive director Maureen Bundgaard says that until Nunavut has stronger tourism infrastructure, she will continue to focus on training as a means of industry development.

Cruise Ship Visits: A Handbook for Your Community is the first in a series of practical how-to books that the agency plans to provide community economic development officers around Nunavut.

“We have only four industry development people on staff,” Bundgaard says. “We can’t be 25 CEDOs. How do you make that work? One of the ways is to try to provide as much support as we can to the CEDOs for our sector and to make sure that they can come to us with questions. We’re going to try to build up a little library that they can have on their desk.”

Cruise Ship Visits is concise and focused. In 20 pages, the booklet explains everything about the cruise ship industry, from how community visits appear from the perspective of a cruise ship visitor to how to set prices for community performances.

On top of logistics, communications, planning and pricing, the book also helps CEDOs find ways to reflect what’s unique about their community, and avoid a situation where each community is offering the same program to the same visitors.

Coloured boxes highlight things for planners to think about before inviting ships, such as: how does the community feel about large numbers of visitors wandering around?

The last four pages include a space to keep contact information for cruise ship companies, a lengthy checklist for planners, and a copy of an “arctic etiquette handout,” a card that one community used to let visitors know how they might be expected to behave during a visit, as well as some quick Inuktitut phrases.

Bundgaard wrote most of the booklet herself, based on her years of experience with the cruise ship business in Pond Inlet, and had it printed on plain white paper and bound with coil so that it can be updated easily and inexpensively.

Subsequent titles will focus on marketing businesses in the community, or community craft production for tourists.

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