The secret agenda behind same-sex marriage


Some homosexuals want same-sex marriage to gain equality with heterosexual marriage and thus receive society’s stamp of approval.

Other homosexuals see same sex marriage as a tool to radically change society. To them, same sex marriage is just one plank in the homosexual agenda which was first articulated in 1972 by the National Coalition of Gay Organizations.

Most of the demands made in the 1972 agenda were repeated in August 2003 in New York at an international meeting of homosexuals sponsored by Uniglobe. A pamphlet distributed at this meeting demanded the repeal of all laws against sodomy, prostitution, age of consent for sex, obscenity, pornography, same-sex marriage and same-sex adoption.

The 1972 agenda included the repeal of all laws restricting the number of persons in a marriage. Can you imagine the moral devastation of your town or city if every one of their objectives was achieved?

The real purpose of same-sex marriage (kept secret from the public by the media) is clearly stated by many homosexual activists. Paula Ettelbrick, a well-known homosexual activist said, “Being queer means pushing the parameters of sex, sexuality and family and in the process transforming the very fabric of society…. We must keep our eyes on the goals of providing true alternatives to marriage of radically reordering society’s view of reality.”

The inaugural issue of the Gay Community News in 1979 argued that “the ultimate goal of gay liberation is achievement sexual freedom for all – not just equal rights for lesbian and gay men, but also freedom of sexual expression for young people and children.” Their ultimate goal has not changed since 1979.

Knowing the homosexual agenda and the determination of homosexual activists to achieve their goals, will 99 per cent of Canadian society let one per cent (homosexual activists) deceive and bully it into subjection or will it have enough moral fortitude to stop this sexual revolution before it destroys our way of life. God help us if they succeed.

John Wallace
Bancroft, Ont

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