Town gives first crack at lots to long-term residents



IQALUIT — People who have lived in Iqaluit for at least two years may have a leg up over newcomers in winning lot leases in municipal ballot draws.

Iqaluit Town Council’s development committee recommended last week that council amend its bylaw governing ballot draws. The recommendation comes after a complaint from an Iqaluit resident.

The resident said the draws, which determine who gets the first crack at leasing new single family residential lots, are unfair to long-time residents because any new homeowner, even someone who just moved to town can enter the draw and get a lot.

The amendment would create three categories of ballot draw contestants:

First time home-buyers who have lived in Iqaluit for at least 24 months;
First time home-buyers who don’t fit into the first category;
Everyone else.
Iqaluit land administrator Carl McLean told the development committee he believes the three categories are necessary because of the growth forecast for Iqaluit.

He said many new government workers coming to Iqaluit for the first time might want to buy houses and he believed these people should also be given priority over people who already own homes in Iqaluit.

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