Trudeau, NATO chief face busy agenda in Cambridge Bay visit

Stop there part of larger visit in Canada to discuss defence and security

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is visiting Cambridge Bay with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday. The visit includes a tour of the Canadian High Arctic Research Station, seen here, as well meeting with military personnel and locals. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau were scheduled to arrive in Cambridge Bay this morning and their itinerary once there is jam-packed.

The duo are in the hamlet to discuss shared priorities between Canada and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, such as the impact climate change has on defence and security. Russia’s invasion in Ukraine and the threat it presents to the West is also a priority topic.

First on their list is a visit to the North Warning System site, then Stoltenberg and Trudeau are to participate in a qulliq lighting ceremony.

After a brief lunch, the two will visit the Canadian High Arctic Research Station. An hour later, Stoltenberg and Trudeau will attend a briefing and meet with Canadian Armed Forces members.

Finally, Stoltenberg and Trudeau will take time to meet with the locals of Cambridge Bay later in the afternoon.

Three federal ministers are also in the hamlet during the visit: National Defence Minister Anita Anand, Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly and Northern Affairs Minister Daniel Vandal.

On Friday, Stoltenberg and Trudeau are scheduled to visit Cold Lake, Alta., where one of Canada’s fighter bases is located.

Stoltenberg’s visit to Cambridge Bay is part of a three-day Canadian tour that started Wednesday.


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(11) Comments:

  1. Posted by ANNOYING on

    It s amazing , that our beloved leader , likes to preach about saving the world , but he sure flies around a lot. The case of do as i say , don t do as a do.

    • Posted by Forever Amazed on

      I agree with most of what you say, however, blunder boy is not a beloved leader. He is actually despised in many parts of the country.

  2. Posted by Igunaaqi on

    It’s too bad most Eskimos believe everything he says, people need to stop watching mainstream media.

  3. Posted by Northern Inuit on

    I hope JT realizes how large his carbon foot print for this inane photo op is.

    the amount of aircraft this week alone to get ready for the pictures. the amount of vehicles flown in on multiple C17 and C130 flights into Cambridge Bay along with his security detail.

    not to mention for the first time this summer the Airport Road was actually watered more than once a day so he can Bhangra Dance all the way down the road without having to worry about dust. speaking of which, the dust on the road has been horrible this year.

    maybe he should visit more often so the Roads can be watered and graded more often.

  4. Posted by Dettrick on

    Justin should realize people in the north are much more important then immigrants? Before he leaves Cambridge Bay ask a quote from the airlines to Edmonton, then he could realize poverty. Neusense

  5. Posted by Kiv on

    Why not travel to china. Give the leadership more seats. Have more say. Nunavut does not have enough resources organizations just a bunch or govt. Funded work force.

  6. Posted by Umingmak on

    I truly hope that the residents of Cambridge Bay gave him a welcome as cold as an early January day. He has done absolutely nothing for the north, with investment in Northern Canada tanking since the moment he took control of the government. I miss the Harper days, when Nunavut was getting new schools, hamlet buildings, recreational facilities, etc every year.

    • Posted by Go Figure on

      You know its his government that Iis ensuring the reconciliation happens? I’ve notice more Feds pushing to hire more Inuit in Nunavut. Which is more than what I can say about Government of Nunavut.

      If you are an Nunavut Land Claim beneficiary, grab the Feds job but make sure it’s not with the crown as you will be given a lot of BS

  7. Posted by divide & conquer on

    Jens and Justin were starring in a dog and pony show for the arms industry. NATO is the sales branch for the US killing machine.

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