Trudeau to make campaign stop in Iqaluit

Liberal leader’s tour dogged by angry protesters in Ontario over the weekend

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, seen here during a 2019 campaign stop in Iqaluit, is scheduled to visit Nunavut’s capital again on Monday, as the campaign for the Sept. 20 federal election heads into its third week. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is scheduled to make a campaign stop in Iqaluit Monday, making him the first party leader to visit Nunavut during the lead-up to the Sept. 20 federal election.

Iqaluit is listed as a stop but his itinerary on the Liberal party’s website does not say what time he will arrive or what he will do while he’s in the territorial capital.

Pat Angnakak, the Liberal candidate in Nunavut, said on Twitter she was looking forward to welcoming the prime minister at a “community gathering” outside the Elders Qammaq at 4:45 p.m.

Trudeau is scheduled to make a campaign announcement and answer reporters’ questions in Granby, Que. on Monday morning.

The campaign to pick the next federal government entered its third full week on Monday.

Over the weekend, Trudeau’s campaign stops in Ontario were met with angry protesters, and a Friday event in Bolton, Ont., was cancelled out of concern for the security of party volunteers, according to national news reports.

In Nunavut, three women are in the running to fill the vacancy created when New Democrat MP Mumilaaq Qaqqaq decided in May not to seek re-election to the position she won in 2019.

Candidates running in the Sept. 20 federal election to represent Nunavut are (from left to right): Liberal Pat Angnakak, the NDP’s Lori Idlout and Conservative Laura MacKenzie. (Photos courtesy of the candidates)

Angnakak stepped down from her position as MLA to run for Parliament for the Liberals. Laura MacKenzie, the former president of a women’s shelter in Rankin Inlet, is the Conservative candidate. And Iqaluit lawyer Lori Idlout is hoping to hold onto the Nunavut riding for the NDP.

Nunavut is no stranger to national leaders running for office. In 2019, Trudeau used Iqaluit as the backdrop for a campaign announcement on climate change. In 2015, then-prime minister Conservative Stephen Harper made a campaign stop in Iqaluit.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh visited Iqaluit shortly after the 2019 election, in which Qaqqaq became the territory’s representative in Parliament.

This story is developing. Visit Nunatsiaq News for coverage of Trudeau’s visit to Iqaluit.

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(16) Comments:

  1. Posted by iThink on

    Two years into his mandate the PM calls an election the country does not need in the middle of a pandemic. Sorry, Justin. I can not bring myself to reward you for this reckless and naked power grab.

    • Posted by iThink on

      Clearly quite a few disagree with my assessment, it would be wonderful to hear some of the reasons you think this election was needed at this time. Fill us in?

      • Posted by Mathew R Janzen on

        He’s following his right in this country, and if anything this is an opportunity for other political leaders. If you aren’t for Trudeau, then what are you doing about it? Perhaps you should work harder on supporting your political candidate rather than putting down the one you dislike.

        • Posted by iThink on

          Mathew, the question is what justification is there for the PM to call an election 2 years into his current mandate? Given that we are in the middle of a pandemic it would be right to expect that justification, at the very least, to be unambiguous and easily understood. But that is hardly the case, and it is hardly enough. Given the risks that justification should be much higher.

          So, aside from being an uninformative and banal observation, your response that the PM is simply “following his right” is just not a serious answer.

          In reality the reason appears to be little more than a naked power play that only serves the interests of the governing party, while displaying a stunning disregard for the electorate.

          So, when you ask what I am doing this is it; using my voice to ensure we are all very mindful of this problem.

  2. Posted by Arctic Circle on

    why only Nunavut capital?

    Why can’t you come to smaller communities like Gjoa Haven, Taloyoak, Coral Harbor? Have you forgotten about us? oh, thats right, you don’t want to hear about people talking about the scam with WE and SNC lavalon.

    Trudeau wants to WE back so he can support his family again!

    Let go NDP!

    • Posted by Population size on

      The reason they don’t go to smaller communities is population size. They only have a limited budget and time to speak to as many people as possible. Iqaluit is the most bang for your buck as it has the biggest population and its the easiest to get to from Ottawa.

      • Posted by Pain In The Groen on

        That’s not entirely true. Jack Layton visited four communities during one of his Nunavut trips.

  3. Posted by Northern Inuit on

    so how is your promise of eliminating clean drinking water from and removing boil water advisories?

    how is your promise of electoral reform coming along?

    how is your promise of a balanced budget with a modest deficit coming along?

    how is your promise of building a relationship with indigenous peoples? why then did you fight a First Nations Dental Bill of $6,000 and paid $110,000 to fight it in Court?

    We are sick of your lies. Liberal Sunny Days? don’t need them, we have enough 24 hour sunlight up in the Arctic without your lies.

    • Posted by Water shutdown on

      It would have been funny for him to visit on Wednesday, during the city wide water shutdown. He would have experienced what it is to live in indigenous communities.

      • Posted by Pain In The Groen on

        I, for one, am glad they are bringing back Waterless Wednesdays. Even if it is only one day, the nostalgic feeling is irresistible. Too bad the PM couldn’t stay and enjoy a boil water advisory.

  4. Posted by Old Fart on

    We used to complain that Prime Ministers didn’t bother to visit the north at all during election campaigns.
    Now we complain when they do.
    I guess this is what they call progress.

    • Posted by EXPRESSIONS on

      Dam if you do , damn if you don t , as the saying goes

  5. Posted by common courtesy on

    I don’t agree with heckling the Prime Minister, let him speak. The Liberals are making the heckling about the pandemic, which is just one of the issues people have with them. There’s the ethics violations, corruption, cronyism, there’s a ton of missing money (Ms. Mackenna’s file), there’s the identity politics and playing us against each other. And then there is the constant virtue signalling and shameful photo ops (the teddy bear picture was particularly shameful). I for the life of me, cannot understand how someone that’s been in blackface more times than he can remember, can possibly lecture Canadians on racism. And there’s the broken promises and lies; there’s inflation caused by huge debt and cheap money. These people should all lose their jobs. Anyone that votes Liberal again must truly be either ignorant or “connected”.

  6. Posted by Trudeau on

    Trudeau all the way. The decision to call the election was the right choice. Let;s have a look how and if the losers of the Conservatives and NDP can take advantage of it. If you all want to get out of the Pandemic with some kind of financial support and quality, do not vote for the others. I did not hear any complaints about the Liberals when CERB was introduced. You did not complain when you got the funds, even if wrongfully received. Smarten up and do not always look for someone to blame it on. It’s time to take responsibility for your actions, even if this means you have to clean and vent your house properly to avoid mold. Thank you Justin for making this call and now let’s see if the other parties and candidats for Nunavut are doing. Pat and Liberals all the way. You cannot fix all the issues at once and the only item I’m asking you for, keep the tax dollars in Canada to help Canadians and once this has been accomplished,look into supporting other countries


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