Vandals ransack Nakasuk School

Witness saw 10 kids leaving the area



RCMP officers will add Iqaluit schools to their list of nightly patrols after vandals broke in to Nakasuk School in the early morning hours of July 11, spray painting walls and throwing eggs.

The graffiti included two sets of initials enclosed in a spray painted heart, as well as a more ominous message – “If I get busted I’m gonna kill.”

The vandals knocked over some boxes and littered the hallways with broken eggs. They also broke into the tech centre and mixed together flower and water in a plastic bowl.

Const. Dennis Lamb said officers arrived at the school soon after the alarm sounded at city hall, but the vandals had already left the building.

The vandals, who entered the school through a Plexiglas panel in one of the back doors, may have been in the school for more than an hour before police arrived, Lamb said.

“Those people had to have been in there a long time,” he said, adding he didn’t know why so much time had passed before police were called.

A witness saw about 10 kids leaving the area.

Dominique Wielgosch, office manager for the Iqaluit District Education Authority, which has an office in Nakasuk School, arrived Friday morning to find the doorknob torn off her office door.

The vandals were unable to enter the office.

“Compared to what could have happened it’s nothing, but it’s still upsetting” Wielgosch said.

“It’s just scary. What are they going to do next time?”

Lamb said he received a brief description of a couple of the kids seen leaving the school Friday morning, but there are no suspects.

He said it is unlikely the incident is related to the fire that destroyed Joamie School just a week earlier.

“It’s just vandalism,” he said. “Nothing a couple of coats of paint won’t fix.”

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