Watt gives Inuktitut speech in Senate


Senator Charlie Watt, who represents northern Quebec, paid homage to National Aboriginal Day last week — in Inuktitut.

Watt used his speech – given June 23 – to call on the Senate to support the idea of establishing a tax-free zone in Nunavik, north of the 55th parallel in Quebec.

“Due to the escalation of costs in the North, most of the people are unable to purchase hunting equipment that would normally bring basic food to the household,” Watt told his fellow Senators.

Watt also reminded them of the North’s well-known social and economic problems, such as housing.

“In some cases three to four families are living in the same household and it creates a health, social and economic problem, as I am sure you can appreciate. Access to clean drinking water is getting worse every year.”

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