Welcome to our new look!

Our new web platform launches today

Welcome to our new online news site! We hope you’ll bear with us as we work our way through a complex transition from the Nunatsiaq News website you’ve been used to since 2009.


Congratulations—you’ve just landed on our new online news site.

This is a work in progress, so you’ll see many changes over the next few months.

We hope you’ll bear with us as we work our way through a complex transition from the Nunatsiaq News website you’ve been used to since 2009.

That old website served us well. And we know it served you well too.

We say this because of the many tens of thousands of new readers from Nunavut, Nunavik, southern Canada, the United States and Europe who flocked to our site over the years after we began posting articles every day in 2009.

So we thank all our readers and advertisers for your support. Our success is your success.

Thanks to you, we’ve become one of the most popular online services ever launched from northern Canada.

Nunavut’s going mobile

We also know your way of getting onto the internet is changing.

So to reflect that, we’ve optimized our new site. It’s now easier for you to read articles with your smartphone and tablet devices.

Back in 2009, most of you used desktop computers to get on the internet.

But now, our analytics numbers show that more than 50 per cent of you use mobile devices: Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Android phones, iPads, and other types of smartphones and tablets.

That’s a big change.

At the same time, northern telecommunications providers are starting to offer better mobile services, especially in Nunavut.

One company promises to offer mobile service in every Nunavut community by the end of this month. Another, by the end of 2019.

Nunavik is waiting for the introduction of a wireless service in 14 communities, perhaps next year.

So if you enjoy access to either WiFi or LTE cellular service, our website is now much easier for you to use.

At the same time, our journalists look forward to spending more time writing and less time posting.

And the added design flexibility will let us present photos and other images in a more pleasing way.

We also hope to post more Inuktitut content, and to change and expand our sections over time, including special interest supplements.

Our thanks go out to our partners at Manoverboard, who designed and built this site and accommodated even the smallest request.

As we work our way through this big change, we hope our site will be easier for us to work on and easier for you to read.

Nunatsiaq News is proud to have served the eastern Arctic continuously since 1975, in print and online.

As the 21st century approaches the end of its second decade, we’re proud to continue that unbroken record of service.

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(14) Comments:

  1. Posted by Qiruaqruq on

    I like this new look.

  2. Posted by Kilgore Was Here on

    Bravo. Absolutely brilliant. Nice, bright and impeccably clean.

    Now, if we could only say the same thing for the comments section.

  3. Posted by Bobby on

    Very nice! Sure has lightened up & I like the presentation.

  4. Posted by Harold (iqaluit) on

    this is quite disterbing indeed . i reed this computir newspaper once a week while my wife watches her soaps . it will take me years and years to learn this new system . my son is the one who set up my computir . he will get an earfull tonite when i tell him that my aweful computir newspaper refuses to cooperate . i will demand that he restores it .

    please send me the story about the whale dog biscuts . i read it alloud to my dog dog toby every time i reed the news .

  5. Posted by Small towner on

    I think its a good update to the site. It would be nice if before clicking onto a story’s page we could see how many comments there are. I mean, I think that’s why most of the readers go on this site, is to read the comments more than the news.

  6. Posted by Wow on

    Wow, love this new look

  7. Posted by Purple People on

    Fantastic! Great contrast. Good job Nunatsiaq.

  8. Posted by do not agree on

    Your scroll bars are buggy, the articles appear off-centre on high-res screens, and I can’t even get the page to load on using Chrome on iPhone. It looks like you have table-type layout, with articles in the centre column, but left aligned. Hard to look at. Too bad I can’t post a screen shot. The site is a decent first attempt.

  9. Posted by Wolfie on

    Great new look! Only complaint is wheel on mouse doesn’t seem to be able to scroll pages anymore?

  10. Posted by Dave on

    This is a great format. Thanks for investing in it.

  11. Posted by Uncle Bob on

    can’t seem to be able to load it into my favourites list

  12. Posted by Qiruaqruq on

    one more comment i just noticed the jobs,tenders,notices on the bottom, very slick!

  13. Posted by Blanche on

    A good clean and fresh look with a better organized view on the monitor.

  14. Posted by Nua on

    Nice I like the change and the format ,better for accessible standards, it feels good to be listening and seeing the difference I hear. BRAVO keep it up Nunatsiaq News Team.

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