What Ed forgot to mention


After reading the article about “Rev.” Eddie deVries, I was shocked to learn that there are people in this world who are that ridiculous.

It was obvious that he’s a “pothead.” One of the main side effects of smoking marijuana is that it affects your brain, which is clear with Ed deVries, so I’m not sure if the “Church of Universe” or “Canada’s leading experts in cannabis research” taught this man about the effects of drugs, such as having difficulties in thinking and problem-solving, increases in the heart rate, anxiety, and panic, just to name a few.

The other concerns are the long-term effects; learning skills are impaired and facts show that people who use this drug have lower achievement than non-users.

Also, marijuana causes aggression and causes careless behaviour. People wonder why the crime rate and levels of agressiveness in Nunavut are so high. Ed answered it perfectly. He also mentioned that he is “helping young mothers feed their babies.” He forgot to mention the harm he is doing to the babies — smoking marijuana impairs the baby’s development.

A “traditional healer” and a “therapist” helps decrease problems within one’s self and the community, not create more problems and the last I heard, Inuit beneficiaries don’t have to pay for medicare, so why is he charging these people for his so-called “medicine?”

As an Inuk myself, I hate to see people taking advantage of us. It is sad and it hurts because I see crime rates, suicide rates and poverty rates rise and it’s people like deVries who do not help these rates decrease. I am writing this letter to inform people with information that he forgot to mention.

(Name withheld by request)

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