What to do when the Earth begins to shake


Falling objects pose the greatest danger during a major earthquake, says Natural Resources Canada’s earthquake web site at http://earthquakescanada.nrcan.gc.ca.

In Canada, no house has ever collapsed during an earthquake. However, many types of objects may fall and cause damage or injuries.

Here is what to do if you feel the ground move:

* Stay calm — don’t panic.
* If you are indoors, stay there. Do not run outside: you could be hit by flying debris or bits of glass. Take cover under, and hold on to, a sturdy desk, a table, or a bed, or stand in a doorframe. Never use elevators (they may have been damaged and/or the power may fail).
* If you are outdoors, stay there. Keep away from power lines and buildings. (House chimneys are likely to topple during a strong earthquake).
* If you are in a vehicle, stop and park away from buildings.

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