Why do I love Nunavut? … a silly question!

‘My Corner of Our Land’ – Nunatsiaq News readers reflect on Nunavut Day

Barb Adjun vows to preserve the pristine beauty of Kugluktuk because it’s her home. (File photo by Dustin Patar)

By Barb Adjun, Special to Nunatsiaq News

With Nunavut Day coming up, Nunatsiaq News asked readers to share what makes their corner of the territory special to them.

Why do I love Nunavut? That is a full question and kinda silly! Why not love Nunavut, it’s the most beautiful area in Canada. It has fresh air that we must keep clean. Beautiful pristine country all around you, with wide open spaces, that we must continue to keep clean.

We have the most beautiful waters; our rivers and ocean are why others love to visit and explore. We have the most beautiful environment in the spring, summer, fall and winter.

Barb Adjun lives in Kugluktuk. (Submitted photo)

In my beautiful home of Kugluktuk, we are now into summer. Inuit, especially children, get excited about summer and what it will bring. We are the most westerly community in Nunavut, with rivers to the east and west of us, we live at the mouth of Coppermine River, we have a sandbar in front of us, which is used as a golf course in the summer, we have the Coronation Gulf in front of us (ocean). We have so much greenery all around us, the willows are practically trees, they grow so tall.

There are hills all around my community, and if you look northwest there is a big flat hill called Emnagyoak, which means big hill. You can see islands in front of the community, there is Five Mile Island, and Seven Mile Island and north east of us is Three Mile Island. My family spent the summer on each island, while I was growing up.

Kugluktuk is my home and it’s so beautiful, I will always keep it clean and pristine. Why do I love Nunavut? It’s the land, the people who are strong to continue to survive in it.

Nunavut is my land, my people.

Barb Adjun lives in Kugluktuk.

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