Why are dogs mistreated in Nunavut?


I am an owner of two dogs and love dogs of all breeds.

This has been on my mind for a very long time and I can no longer keep quiet about it. It is how dog-owners treat their dogs.

I have seen many people who respect and treat their dogs well, and many more who mistreat them in every community I’ve visited.

I always feel sorry for the poor animals, as they cannot communicate to human beings to defend themselves. The owner is in control.

Some people think it is normal to abuse their dogs by kicking them and I’ve seen people picking up their dogs and throwing them, which is so sick to see and very inhumane.

Why do people treat dogs so badly? Is it to take their anger out on them?

If it is, then you are doing the wrong thing. Don’t you remember your elders telling you to treat animals – that means dogs too – with respect or that whatever treatment you give them will return to you?

Even tiny dogs that should be house pets are tied up with very short chains and just left there to be no more than lawn ornaments. I don’t understand why anyone would want a pet and just leave it to be tied up all its life.

I came across dogs that have very tight collars, not to mention some that don’t even have proper collars and are suffering, very hungry and thirsty, and their surroundings are too wet to lie on.

Think about this – would you want to be tied up all your life in one place and sleep on nothing but wet ground and always be hungry and cold? The owners just don’t care.

An expression I always hear from people is “They’re only dogs.” They don’t think that they are living beings like us humans that have to eat and drink to survive, but are left and never fed and given water.

People should start treating and taking better care of their pets. Isn’t the purpose of having a pet to look after them? I want to quote something from the Bible where God created all mankind to have control over all living creatures on the Earth. I believe God trusted us to look after all His creation.

When you stop to think about everything God created it is so beautiful and that includes dogs. They deserve to be cared for and you will find that they will respect you back.

As the expression goes, man’s best friend is your own dog. I love dogs, and don’t be surprised to see me helping out your dog outside your house.

Susan Saviktaaq

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