Why do humans treat dogs so poorly?


I am a dog-lover. I have two of my own, both strays that appeared on my doorstep. I took them in and have given them a warm house to sleep in, lots to eat and long walks across the tundra. In repayment for this, they protect me against intruders, provide companionship to me anytime I need it and love me no matter what I do.

Dogs can be such wonderful friends. They ask for very little and yet give so much. They are always happy to see you. They do not see your faults or your frailties. They don’t criticize you or call you names. They are your best friend and will never turn their back on you.

I can never understand why human beings treat dogs so poorly. All over Iqaluit I see dogs running loose, no one caring for them. Even worse, I see so many dogs chained up to porches, poles, ski-doos. They are never exercised, never touched, just left, totally neglected. I see them there in the rain, snow, blizzard and hot sun. The only time they are ever off the chain is when they finally die.

I wonder as we enter our next life, if God will ask you how you treated your fellow human and animal beings. Perhaps judging by how you acted in this life, he will put you on a chain and forget he ever knew you.

J. MacIsaac

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