Witness tells court he saw person being stomped on

Attempted murder trial of Jordan Kovic continues in Iqaluit

The attempted murder trial of Jordan Kovic, accused of attacking a man with a snowmobile in 2019, began in Iqaluit on Monday, Aug. 22. (File photo)

By Emma Tranter

The attempted murder trial of Jordan Kovic, who allegedly attacked a man with a snowmobile three years ago, continued Wednesday with accounts from witnesses who saw some of the events unfold that night.

Kovic was 19 when he was charged with attempted murder after the Dec. 27, 2019, incident in Iqaluit.

At the time, RCMP said a 28-year-old man had been transported to hospital in Ottawa. A second person, a 29-year-old man, had also been allegedly assaulted and run over that evening, but managed to run to the safety of the men’s shelter.

Kovic has pleaded not guilty to the attempted murder charge.

In surveillance footage from that night shown to court on Monday, a person driving a snowmobile appeared to hit a man with the machine, knocking him to the ground. That man then gets up and appears to run away.

Another video showed the driver hitting a second person, knocking him to the ground, then stomping on his head repeatedly.

In another video, the driver on the snowmobile is seen running over that second man, who appeared to be lying motionless on the ground.

Jeremiah Ikkidluak, a staff member at the men’s shelter in Iqaluit, was working the night of the incident. He told the court that a client who appeared to be intoxicated entered the shelter after curfew that night with blood on his face.

Although the shelter has a rule against letting in intoxicated clients, Ikkidluak said he let him inside because he looked injured. An ambulance was also called, he said.

He said a man who was not a client also tried to enter the shelter, yelling at the man with the bloody face, but Ikkidluak and others stopped him and he drove away on a yellow snowmobile.

Ikkidluak said he remembered someone calling the shelter not long after the man on the snowmobile left, who said, “He’s killing him, he’s killing him.”

He said he went outside to check what was happening but didn’t see anything.

The snowmobile driver then came back and parked outside the shelter with someone who appeared to be unconscious lying across the back of the machine’s seat.

Ikkidluak said he grabbed the lower half of the man’s body, while the driver grabbed the top half and they lowered him to the ground. Paramedics and RCMP arrived shortly after.

Charlie Papatsie, a client of the men’s shelter that night, said he saw parts of the incident unfold while he was smoking outside the building.

Papatsie said he heard a commotion and went underneath the shelter building to see what was happening.

He told the court he saw a man on a snowmobile hit another shelter client, who got up and ran. He said the man on the snowmobile was shouting and angry.

Papatsie testified he also saw someone stomping another person on the head repeatedly.

The trial continues Thursday.



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