Workshop teaches women business basics

Pauktuutit wants training offered in all Inuit regions


Next month, Pauktuutit, the national Inuit women’s association, will hold a business training workshop in Inukjuak for Inuit women from the Hudson coast of Nunavik.

It’s free to women who are eager to learn about business or owning a business.

“If you’d like to meet women with the same interests, this is for you,” said Ursula Redden of Pauktuutit. “We’re geared to women who are interested in business, but not sure really what they can do. It’s to spark an idea so women can carry it forward.”

After the three-day workshop, Dec. 5 to Dec. 7, participants should have a better idea of what they want to do and how they can do it.

The workshop covers basic information, such as who to contact and some simple ways to start and track your business “so it doesn’t look so scary.”

The workshop, offered in English, with Inuktitut translation, will take its cues from the experiences, skills and knowledge of the participants, and mix activities that build self-confidence, practical business knowledge and skills.

Day One includes the “challenges and benefits of owning your own business,” Day Two looks at “tools to create your plan,” such as sources of funding and resources, and Day Three focuses on the financial concepts and networking.

“It’s starting at the very beginning, so women will see that maybe they can do it,” Redden said.

Pauktuutit previously offered the workshop to women in Cambridge Bay, which drew participants from 18 to 60 years old.

Redden said Pauktuutit wants to offer workshops in all Inuit regions for women eager to enter business.

Space is still available for Inukjuak’s workshop, and Redden encourages all interested women – even from the Ungava Bay communities – to contact her at Pauktuutit, by calling 1-613-238-3977, ext. 234.

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