Worries for child care, homeless programs


Education Minister Ed Picco, who is also responsible for child care in Nunavut, said the Government of Nunavut is concerned that the new Conservative government in Ottawa may decide to change its child care policies, and move away from the former government’s plan to subsidize child care.

“Harper’s proposal of $1,200 annually for families [per child] is a nice step, where you actually put money in the pockets of parents, but when you look at the amount of money that will come to Nunavut, based on our cost of living, and so on, it isn’t very much,” Picco said.

Programs to assist homeless Nunavummiut may also be on the chopping block, Picco said.

“What we need to do is bring forward the advocacy on behalf of Nunavummiut to the programs that are of interest to us.”

Picco said the GN is inviting the key federal ministers to visit Nunavut.

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