The front page of Nunatsiaq News, from July 6, 1977. (File photo)

Yesterday’s News: Another step for Nunavut toward territory status

A weekly look back at 50 years of front pages at Nunatsiaq News

By Nunatsiaq News

These days in Nunavut, the first week of July is one of anticipation — a time to look forward to Nunavut Day events coming up on July 9, to nail down those last-minute details for the celebration and make sure you’ve got enough burgers and hot dogs for the barbecue.

Back in 1977, before there was such a thing as Nunavut Day, it was just another warm summer week.

But as this front page shows, even then the wheels were turning. Big changes were in the works just a few years down the road.

As Nunatsiaq News celebrates its 50th anniversary, each week we are taking readers on a tour through the past half century by showcasing some of our front pages from years gone by.

The paper started out in 1973 as Inukshuk, a community newsletter published in Frobisher Bay (before it became known as Iqaluit). Inukshuk was sold in 1976 and renamed Nunatsiaq News.

This particular edition was published almost exactly one year after the very first issue of Nunatsiaq News.

The main story on the front page of July 6, 1977, reported the release of a new land claims proposal by the Inuit Land Claims Commission.

It wasn’t the first proposal issued; at least one previous plan was put out but later withdrawn. And this one was only two pages long and filled with generalities.

Sixteen years nearly to the day after this front page was published, the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement was finally passed in Parliament on July 9, 1993. Six years after that, Nunavut officially became Canada’s newest territory.

Now July 9 is recognized each year as Nunavut Day. And Nunatsiaq News wishes all its readers in Nunavut a safe, happy holiday.



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