Young children need supervision


I am the father of a two-and-a-half-year old son, and am aware of the learning curve and other demands placed on parents with young children.

For example, I almost have no free time at all except a few peaceful hours after he goes to sleep and before I do. However, since the day I first looked into his eyes I have never considered him a burden, even in those times when it would be nice to have a few minutes in the middle of the day.

Often in Iqaluit, and when I am traveling to other communities, I see children three years and younger playing outside by themselves. My first impulse was to find the child’s parents to inform them their beloved treasure has somehow got outside, but I have been dejected more than once to discover parents wrapped up in other activities, seemingly not concerned. I have even been belittled for poking my nose where it does not belong.

I am writing this to all parents in light of the recent dog attack on a lone two- year-old in Clyde River.

I feel empathy and compassion for the family, and pray the child has a full recovery soon. I realize that small communities can feel safe, however for children that young there are so many accidents that can occur.

For example, they may run onto a road when an ATV ridden by multiple joyous teenagers turns a blind corner, or they could slip into a puddle, panic and drown, or even get mauled by a tied up dog.

To everyone responsible for caring for young children, please watch them as carefully as you can, all the time. Children need to learn from experience, and a good fall and cry may do more good than harm in the long run, but if an adult is not around there are terrible tragedies just waiting to happen.

Curtis Kayfish

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