Young offender banned from youth centre


A teenage girl who returned to Iqaluit after failing to observe the conditions of a one-year probation order in Montreal must now meet the conditions of her probation order in Iqaluit.

The 13-year-old girl came before Justice Earl Johnson Oct. 21 on a “report-back-to-court” order.

The original probation order was imposed after the girl pleaded guilty to arson, theft, and mischief.

Probation officer Todd Hussey said the girl is now meeting most, but not all, of the conditions in her probation order.

“She’s still staying out late,” Hussey said.

Because of her curfew blunders, the girl was ordered to return on Dec. 2 to further monitor her progress.

During a court appearance two weeks ago, Justice Beverley Browne banned the girl from attending the Iqaluit youth centre. The reason for the ban was not mentioned in court.

However, the city has two youth centres: the youth centre at Iqaluit’s blue dome building, and the Makkuttukkuvik centre at the Arctic Winter Games complex.

Johnson made an amendment clarifying that the ban applies only to the blue dome youth centre.

“I’ve heard some bad things about that youth centre,” Johnson said, but offered no further comment.

The youth will serve her community service hours at the Makkuttukkuvik centre.

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