Does the Ikaluktutiak Elks club enable drinking and driving?

How do they prevent people who have been drinking from driving home?


The Cambridge Bay Elks club building. (FILE PHOTO)

The Cambridge Bay Elks club building. (FILE PHOTO)

The Ikaluktutiak Elks of Cambridge Bay is an establishment that has helped a lot of people in its community.

Each year during the annual Omingmak Frolics, they put on a fine free pancake breakfast, and throughout the year also at times like Christmas and Easter.

They have a wonderful Christmas gift giveaway for the children of Cambridge Bay each year, which is a fine success that the kids love. I believe they sponsor local sports teams, which allow them to travel to various events.

But have you seen how many vehicles are parked there each night that they are open? How do they prevent people who have been drinking from driving home?

You see commercial vehicles from local businesses and Government of Nunavut work vehicles.

Yes, I am sure they have pop, coffee and tea available, but it is a licensed establishment. Every week, pallets of beer arrive on the airlines. How many times have these pallets taken priority of freight for others? But that’s another letter altogether.

They may provide phone numbers for local taxi companies and even phone the taxi directly for the patrons.

But do they ensure the driver leaves the keys to the vehicle until the next day? In the summer or spring this is no problem, but in the middle of winter when it’s -40 C and they don’t want to leave the truck there to freeze overnight?

If you just drive by the Elks the next morning, whether it’s Saturday or Sunday morning (yes, the Elks does open on the odd Saturday, and who can forget Wednesday morning when they have their Tuesday night dart league running?) their parking lot is conspicuously empty.

Also empty are a fair number of GN offices whose employees may have called in “sick” on Wednesday.

Did they provide designated drivers to everyone who drove there that night? Or do they turn a blind eye and serve each person who entered, regardless if they drove in their own vehicle or walked over?

We can’t put everything on the Elks. The RCMP detachment is right across the street. It’s no secret that they imbibe at this establishment.

If we could ensure the safety of the residents of our community, we would all be a little safer. Spring is here and we have more and more children walking around in the evenings. Summer is around the corner and school will be out soon.

Concerned Citizen
Cambridge Bay
(Name withheld by request)

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