I am woman, watch me run

At least one opponent of dual-sex constituencies finds the proposal offensive to women


Special to Nunatsiaq News

I think the Nunavut Implementation Commission has overstepped its boundary on the issue of gender parity. I’ve never known a commission to actively promote the implementation of it’s own recommendations

The decision-makers, be they political parties, non-partisan politicians or governments, should have the final say. At the risk of being irksome to respected members of NIC, I must say that the recommendation to have gender parity in the newest assembly of a legislature in Canada, borders on creating a downright dangerous situation.

It seems to me that (NIC chairman) John Amagoalik isn’t comfortable with women running for elected office freely of our their own choice John, we have that freedom. Please don’t patronize us. We are able to grasp the concepts and ideas in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. We understand the democratic processes of our society.

If women are to be guaranteed a seat in the legislature, shouldn’t you also have two premiers then, in keeping with equal male/female representatives? A silly scenario, really.

Please Inuit, let us not worry about impressing other governments with how we can make a big statement to the rest of the world about our generous politics. We have more serious issues at hand that require our attention: Suicide, alcohol & drug-abuse prevention, education and job training, to name a very few.

I am Woman, watch me run,

And I’ve only just begun,

To make the changes we need to see

So our people can be what we want to be.

Suzie Napayok is a Nunavut beneficiary who runs her own translation business in Yellowknife.

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