Igloolik residents had the chance to take home some Arctic char caught by Michael Irngaut Monday afternoon. The result of Irngaut’s six-day fishing trip with his nephew, Calvin Irngaut, was two qamutiks filled with more fish than Michael could count. He said he normally tries to do this trip once a year, sometimes twice if he doesn’t catch enough the first time. “I try to catch bigger so I won’t have to go back up,” he said, adding the distance to his fishing spot is more than 100 kilometres from town. “A lot of people came to pick up some fish. It was a good afternoon.” (Photo by Michael Irngaut)

A ‘good afternoon’ in Igloolik

Michael Irngaut and his nephew, Calvin Irngaut, caught 2 qamutiks full of Arctic char in 6 days

By Nunatsiaq News

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    Delicious frozen fish, soya sauce dip, salt are optional.

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