Calm Air adds new flights linking Baker Lake and Winnipeg

New weekly service starts Feb. 15, includes stop in Churchill, Man.

Baker Lake Mayor Richard Aksawnee said Calm Air is the only airline currently servicing the community. Adding a new route from Baker Lake to Winnipeg will benefit Inuit travelling south for medical care, he told Nunatsiaq News. (Photo courtesy of Calm Air)

By Meral Jamal

People from Baker Lake travelling south for medical treatment could see reduced travel time when Calm Air starts offering weekly flights to Winnipeg via Churchill, Man. next month, says Mayor Richard Aksawnee.

The flights, which start Feb. 15, mean that Baker Lake and Churchill residents will now get one more flight each week. They’ll be run in addition to an existing daily flight between Baker Lake and Winnipeg offered by Calm Air that includes a stopover in Rankin Inlet.

“Especially for medical travellers, there’s a very long layover in Rankin Inlet to and from Winnipeg,” Aksawnee told Nunatsiaq News.

“And currently due to the shortage of hotel space and no transient centres, when there are weather delays or cancellations those medical patients have got to decide if they’re going to stay in Rankin Inlet and stay at either their family or friends’ place.”

Aksawnee said Calm Air is the only airline serving Baker Lake. It announced the startup of the new flights earlier this month.

He said “the community is very excited” about the new weekly flights.

“I think this will be a big positive step moving forward — reducing the time to travel from Baker Lake to Winnipeg,” Aksawnee said.

Travellers are currently able to book this new flight via the Calm Air website. Flights for the week of Feb. 15 begin at approximately $1,600 one way.

The airline did not respond to Nunatsiaq News’ request for comment.






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    Good morning it’s about the younger staffing at hamlets and GN they don’t seem to care about there jobs and don’t do anything and still getting paid but the oldest staff who well retire soon do lotta work and have ethics

    They should send odditers to check in on these younger workers who don’t want to do work only wanna get paid and buy stuffs

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        He said good idea

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        And good news for Baker. Hoping it is successful.

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    Would be great if Calm Air would change their schedule to earlier time to catch the jet to either Iqaluit or Wpg. Most times the hotels in Rankin are booked and cannot take a guest

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