Canadian Armed Forces annual exercise underway in Nunavut

Operation Nanook-Nunakput taking place in and around Cambridge Bay, Pond Inlet, Arctic Bay and Qikiqtarjuaq

Some of the nearly 500 Canadian Armed Forces personnel participating in Operation Nanook in Rankin Inlet in 2019. (Photo courtesy of Jérôme J.X. Lessard, DND)

By Nunatsiaq News

The Canadian Armed Forces is training in and around several Nunavut communities for the rest of this month as part of Operation Nanook-Nunakput.

Military exercises will be occurring near Cambridge Bay, Pond Inlet, Arctic Bay and Qikiqtarjuaq. People in these communities might notice Canadian Armed Forces ships off the coast, according to a public service announcement from the Department of Community and Government Services.

Operation Nanook-Nunakput, the armed forces’ northern operation, aims to provide training, develop partnerships with Indigenous communities and improve the military’s ability to operate in various Arctic conditions.

The operation was launched in 2007 and takes place annually with a major exercise in the North.

Exercises in previous years have included responding to simulated air disasters and wildfire evacuations.

Operation Nanook-Nunakput runs from Aug. 15 to 29.


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(14) Comments:

  1. Posted by pissed off on

    Ironic that the Canadian Army has to use Nolinor to move its troupe up North Russians don’t you dare step foot on our land !! You will have to deal with our army at the ready Thanks

    • Posted by Truestory on

      What weed/shatter you smokin’? Paranoid thinkin’. Gimme some.

    • Posted by TAX PAYER on

      Wonder , if Justin is flying in for his photo op?

    • Posted by Neo on

      Maybe they’ll bring weapons that work next time. Choppers must be in the shop.

    • Posted by Northern Guy on

      That’s Rankin, the runway/apron there isn’t long enough to accommodate Canada’s large military transports.

      • Posted by Army Charter on

        Mayyyybe the military should have aircraft capable of landing on such runways?

      • Posted by Taxpayer on

        The largest airlift aircraft the RCAF operates is the C-17. A very modern and capable piece of equipment. With 50,000kg weight on board, it can take off from a 3,000′ runway. At maximum weight, it needs 3500′ of runway to take off. As such, it can operate from pretty well any community in Nunavut. It is standard practice for NATO countries to use commercial airlines to transport troops into non-hostile airspace. So, there is really nothing deficient or substandard at all about CAF using Nolinor.

      • Posted by Cambaymiut on

        Then how did Harper’s plane land in Cam Bay in 2014? And the US military planes?

    • Posted by monty sling on

      pissed-off; sounds like you’re are cynical of CAF, join like may of us has done over the years and do your part. We may not be The Proud, The Few or British SAS but we were damn good and still are damn good today. CAF uses the best; note: Nolinor, damn fine northern transporter.

  2. Posted by Ready Fire Aim on

    Maybe they could practice something usefull, like providing medical help in case a medical facility in Nunavut were unable to function.
    They could pretend they were needed because the hospital in Iqaluit burned down, or the health centre in Gjoa Haven had to close because the building was deemed to be unsafe.
    Just saying.

    • Posted by Okay Then on

      Ummm, I’d rather that they train to kill the enemy, but that is just me.

    • Posted by sandy on

      Ummm they already have that capability on many levels. Have you not been paying attention to what they have been doing over periods during the last two years? Did you not see the stories of various field hospital being set up across Canada? You should look up DART…They deploy all over the world on a fairly regular basis in the face of emergencies.

  3. Posted by Name Withheld on

    With things happening in Ukraine, they are likely doing this, if for what ever reason they need to go assist. As Russia likely has the same temperature as Nunavut?? My guess

    • Posted by Annual Exercise on

      did you not read the article? it’s an annual exercise since 2007. this started long before russia attacked ukraine.


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