Canadian North announces overhaul to executive team

2 vice-presidents leave, 3 new executive positions created

Canadian’s vice president of customer and commercial is leaving, along with vice president of finance Shannon Montpellier. Three new executive positions have been created. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

Canadian North has shaken up its executive team.

Andrew Pope, the vice-president of customer and commercial, and Shannon Montpellier, the vice-president of finance, left the organization as of Wednesday, the company announced in a news release.

As well, the airline has brought in three new members to its executive.

James Ballingall joins Canadian North as its vice-president, sales, marketing and distribution.

Nick Purich also joins as chief financial officer.

Shelly De Caria takes on a newly-created position of associate vice-president, sales. She has been with the organization since 2013, states the release.

In the news release, Canadian North executive chairman, Johnny Adams, stated the board is supportive of the changes.

“We know that improvement is needed and that these changes are an important step towards that,” he stated.

The changes come just over one month after Canadian North appointed Michael Rodyniuk as president and chief executive officer on July 15, following the sudden departure of former president and CEO Chris Avery in April.

Earlier this week, the airline announced a fuel shortage at airports in Pond Inlet, Grise Fiord, Resolute Bay and Arctic Bay is affecting the airline’s ability to transport full loads of passengers and cargo.

One flight between Resolute Bay and Grise Fiord was cancelled Monday, but the airline said it was able to purchase some additional fuel that would allow the rest of the week’s flights to remain on schedule.

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(11) Comments:

  1. Posted by Peter on

    With this airline having a monopoly in Nunavut and getting millions each year from the GN they should be doing better.
    Maybe instead of hiring pretty faces and hiring people that actually know how to work and get things done would go further.
    It would be great to get another airline to complete with this one, would make them improve their services.
    The east to west route is a complete joke!

    • Posted by Gordon Kukkuvak on

      I agree with Peter the flight from Yellowknife to Edmonton is what 3 hundred something and from Kugaaruk to Yellowknife is about 3 thousand why is that? pretty much same distance I thing Nunavut Government should look for competition for east Nunavut maybe 2 more different airlines such as airline inuit would help for a competition including one more different airline some of us don’t have chance to go out for vacation or shopping

  2. Posted by front line workers on

    maybe Canadian North should overhaul their frontline workers instead? this would improves services vastly. these executives don’t even do anything other then taking photo shoots for the airline.

    • Posted by Sam on

      Monopoly,Monoply , we did it to ourselves, a few years back Nolinor air wanted to fly between Iqaluit and Ottawa, at discount prices and we all ran and booked with them. Then Canadian north matched them, and we all ran back to Canadian north, cannot have both.and the GN just handed them 110 million for this great service.we get what we deserve whine, whine, whine.

  3. Posted by Gabe on

    Having grown up in Nunavut (was NWT) we can only hope that it’ll bring a good change, I highly doubt anything with them will become affordable (below $2k per trip) would be nice to bring a couple other airlines to stop the monopoly.
    No matter what happens it all still depends on the fuel company running the show up north and that monopoly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and they will only increase rates

    • Posted by Facts on

      Go look at your lowest return airfare from 2018 or 19 and the look at airfares a month from now and you will be shocked to see they are lower. Airline pricing is misunderstood the closer you book to the date of travel the more expensive it is.

  4. Posted by wondering on

    Let this slip in and melt your brain’s a business that’s not even Nunavut owned yet the GN gave them over 100 million in loans and grants thru the fictitious covid
    we went through. And to make it sure they fleeced other governments such as Quebec , Nwt , Yukon and i bet even Ontario.

    • Posted by Missed opportunity on

      At the time of the merger there was open invitations for a Nunavut Inuit organizations to invest into a 3 way partnership.

  5. Posted by Shanery on

    Glad to see them leave, they’re responsible for the downfall. No one likes to admit but the airline is bankrupt again. What a circus

  6. Posted by Anonymous on

    The frontline workers that everyone is so quick to write complaints about are the workers that show up everyday and have to do the job of three others just to keep operations going. They have to deal with irate passengers on a daily base and usually have nothing to do with the problem but are just following company policy. They’re underpaid and treated badly by the public. The restructure is needed in executive level so they can look at ways they can retain staff , to improve staffing levels and overall office morale.
    It’s not their fault you missed your flight, you booked last minute and the price is unreasonable, weather is bad, the flight went mechanical, etc. yes it’s unfortunate it happened but they’re not your emotional punching bags so stop acting like Karen’s.

    • Posted by Colin on

      I don’t think that’s the point, it’s the hours of delays waiting with no information given, all the cancellations all the while you show up early and very little communication to what is going on.
      Luggage being bumped off, passengers being bumped off.
      Terrible schedules and the service being not what it used to be when there were two airlines.
      All the things First air/Canadian North promised that wouldn’t happen if they merged has happened.
      All the while receiving millions from our government. We need a watchdog to start giving this airline penalties and fines or have another airline start going to the three hubs at the very least.

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