City of Iqaluit uses drone to tackle smouldering hot spot at landfill

Crews have been fighting the hot spot for a week

Thermal imagery taken by a drone shows crews working on a hot spot at the Iqaluit dump in May. (Photo courtesy of the City of Iqaluit)

By Nunatsiaq News

The City of Iqaluit is using a drone to help tackle a hot spot at its landfill.

A public service announcement Thursday advised that the drone will be flying over the landfill Friday, taking thermal imagery.

“This footage will assist the fire chief to determine the work plan and areas to concentrate [on],” said city spokesperson Kim Nookiguak, in the release.

Firefighters have been attempting to snuff out a smouldering area at the dump for a week, and the city has contracted an expert landfill consultant to help with the work.

The dump was closed last weekend but was operating as usual as of Tuesday, except for metal disposal.

The road to the deep sea port will remain closed until Monday as well, while crews repair a portion of fencing around the landfill.

That fencing had to be removed so firefighters could gain access to the hot spot, said city spokesperson Aleksey Cameron.

On April 6, crews fought a fire at the landfill, and on April 28, the city announced firefighters were back at the dump fighting a flare-up and resulting hot spot.

Whether the hot spot is related to the April 6 fire is under investigation, said Cameron.

Security at the dump will be on fire watch through the weekend.


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  1. Posted by POP POP on

    The mayor should pop the hot spot with a left

  2. Posted by Former Insider on

    It’s a shame we didn’t think to use drones when Dumpcano happened. We could have mitigated so much of the damage wrought by that raging inferno. I still cough when I think back to those days.

  3. Posted by Nerdy on

    Besides being used in drug investigations to record the amount of heat emanating from a house, used to help detect illegal marihuana Grow, thermal imaging devices are also used to look for fugitives who are trying to escape at night or who may be hidden in buildings. It’s also use in tank and helicopter by the military to detect Enemy Troups.

  4. Posted by Someone here on

    Good article. Can we please change dump to landfill, let’s start talking positive.

    • Posted by Nostalgic on

      I’ve always preferred the name “Mount Tulugak”

  5. Posted by I live in the Arctic on

    Wow this could be a very useful search and rescue tool! C’mon committees get some bingo going to purchase one for your community.

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