Drug charges laid in Kuujjuaq bust

Recent arrests have had ‘direct impact’ on reducing violent crime, police say

Police in Nunavik say recent drug busts are having a “direct impact” on reducing violent crime in Kuujjuaq. (File photo by Cedric Gallant, special to Nunatsiaq News)

By Jeff Pelletier - Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Police arrested a 31-year-old woman in Kuujjuaq earlier this month following another drug bust in the community.

The woman faces drug possession and trafficking charges after police seized 30 grams of cocaine and 10 methamphetamine pills during a Feb. 9 search of a home and a vehicle, according to Nunavik Police Services Capt. Patrice Abel.

The woman was taken into custody and held in detention in Amos to await a court appearance, according to a Nunavik police news release.

In the search, police also seized scales and Smirnoff vodka bottles.

Nunavik police, along with provincial police, have announced several drug busts in Kuujjuaq since the beginning of the year.

Abel said in an email that through their efforts, police are seeing a “direct impact” in reducing violent crime in the community.

He also outlined the process police go through after substances, including vodka, are seized.

“Forensic analysis, kept for the duration of legal proceedings and subsequently destroyed,” Abel wrote in an email.

“Same process for alcoholic beverages obtained illegally.”



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(30) Comments:

  1. Posted by Kuujjuaq on


  2. Posted by Hummm on

    She only had that much and she is detained?
    Others with 200vtimes the quantity are still walking around free and most likely won’t have any consequences.
    Make it make sense!!
    Great for the bust… But…but…

  3. Posted by Way to go, but…. on

    I am happy for another bust, but, what I don’t I understand is how these non inuit affiliating in Kuujjuaq that had so much more than this woman did aren’t detained like her?
    Someone please clarify why the difference!

  4. Posted by doesn’t make sense on

    This doesn’t make sense
    why can someone who got busted with lots of pills not have his name mention – not arrested – not jailed??
    Is it because he is helping the Police bust everyone else? Giving information?

    • Posted by Full story on

      As I read and try to make sense to the recent busts, this question comes to me also. But then I think maybe that a full story of the why is not available for the public to view, maybe for reasons that can only be valuable to police work, just saying. Let’s not make conclusions yet.

      • Posted by It’s “allegedly” on

        Without a conviction, they’re not able to name names.

    • Posted by Takes one to know one on

      Politically connected family.

  5. Posted by Greatest on

    Thanks police , we’re behind you all the way. She had just a little some say, but it all starts with a little here and a little there. We are seeing progress. Drug dealers are losing the battle , yes.

  6. Posted by Keep on, keep chasing the druggies and boogies, lol on

    Aranarpanamii lirqaa arnaruluk.

    Doesn’t matter who, or small or big, there is a good progress with our Police Force!

    Keep up the good work Officers!

  7. Posted by peter on

    Great work by 5-0, all dealers regardless of the amount of drugs, cash ect seized need to be detained, the public expects nothing less.

  8. Posted by Cleaning the mess on

    Great work, keep cleaning the mess around Nunavik. Drug dealers, bootlegging, violence and abuse that accompany it. Let’s all applaud our police. Big thanks. And for anyone that turned in a drug dealer or bootlegger , thanks. This makes a big difference in the lives of our communities. Our kids, our elders, and our ordinary people who are trying their best to live life day to day.

  9. Posted by Why laws are needed on

    A good lesson to teach kids about the laws of man, and how necessary it is. Just be thankful for the police for doing their job well. Since the relaxation of cannabis laws, I’m seeing more relaxed criminal activity in dealing with harder drugs, and hard liquor continues in bootlegger business, maybe it’s worse as well. These illegal activities are illegal for a reason. They’re literally killing people as a circulatory toxic. Just think what it could do to our society, if the police were non existent. It’s already devastated life in Nunavik, and without the law and the police it would wipe out Nunavik in no time.

  10. Posted by Drug dealers registry on

    I can image the drug pushers from Nunavik, kuujjuaq including that are currently in st Jerome and elsewhere in southern jails. Let’s hope the recent busts adds to that population. There should be a drug dealer registry made and pasted all over the communities on the accused. Even though we mostly know who they are, but make it public , just like sexually accused, and danger offenders. Just think about the lives lost to drugs, it’s pretty dangerous stuff sold by an offender.

    • Posted by Registration and facebook on

      Yes start a registry for accused drug dealers. Make a page on Facebook, let them be shown to the world, the scum bags.

  11. Posted by More talk about loose dog than drugs on

    The dog war is on again in kuujjuaq, get them dogs tied up or they go to the dump. The dog patrol has awakened again, just before another nap. Loose dog concerns all through social media and anywhere else it can find a complaining space, but same old story goes on and on, only to come to the surface again every few months or so, awareness kicks in to the patrol team, or the patrol team wakes from sluggish sleep and feels the need to shoot the loose dogs. You don’t see much enthusiasm to get the drugs patrolled. People are just stuck into limited edition of life. Waiting for the next escape from reality. Let’s get some drugs and alcohol and escape all responsibility, dog loose or not, we need drugs is what they say. Priorities are screwballed. And then nothing.

  12. Posted by Da Waste Basket on

    It’s a social/community issue. It can’t be passed over as just a few bad individuals, as much as we would hope that were so.

    • Posted by Self feeding system on

      It’s a mess. If it was left to itself , it would wipe out half the population. Nunavik is a self feeding system whereby the drugs and alcohol rules. The demand for drugs and alcohol are grossly overlooked. In its stead we have no choice, but to put millions into policing; millions into treatment Center; millions into healthcare. The day to day life is interrupted and dysfunctional due to absenteeism. You can’t get gas, or groceries at any giving time. Many services are under lock and key, no workers. But you don’t see absenteeism for beer and wine sales. The society has become more and more uneducated as kids are not going to school for any higher education, as a matter of fact the drop out rates are incredible. You have doctors and nurses and other health professionals changing their mind about the working conditions in Nunavik, it’s all over the news everyday. Front line workers are burnt out tending to abuse of drunks, drugged citizens and children. Cancer and heart disease, diabetes and don’t forget early death is all too real. There’s no insight into what I point out. The ones needing to be made aware,name no longer aware of their own existence. What a mess.

  13. Posted by EqualNunavut on

    As I always say, if the arrest was in kinngait, the person charged would be exposed. Why don’t they ever expose people from other communities?

    • Posted by Northerner on

      We all leave in small towns, me , i just ask around , sure enough i find out.

      • Posted by Be careful with gossip on

        I get what you’re saying, everyone’s knows everything. The only problem is everyone knows all the gossip as well, and gossip allows for lots of wrong assumptions. When you live and breathe on gossip, it’s the same as driving a skidoo on the fumes rather than the gas. Be careful with what you hear, and even what you think you see.

  14. Posted by Fact or Foe on

    Aren’t these people supposed to be kicked out of social housing? Arviajuit for real families.

  15. Posted by No guts in leadership on

    There’s no galls or guts in leadership to kick the idiots out of town. Leaders need to get examples from James bay communities on how to deal with drug dealers.

  16. Posted by Good job @NPS! But.. on

    Good job, NPS! Keep up the good work! We need a town safe enough to raise our children without having to worry. We got enough of this stuff going around and even a bit off the streets makes a big difference.

    People should understand that powerful lawyers back some of these big time drug dealers up, and they know their stuff. That’s why people aren’t behind bars all the time. NPS also does mistakes and the lawyers use that to their advantage. It could be a number of things but it’s the high priced lawyers protecting their clients.

    Kuujjuaq isn’t restricted with alcohol and they shouldn’t have seized their alcohol illegally. Scales and such paraphernalia that are confiscated should be finger printed and tested for residue to make sure the charges stick.

    I wish one day that things go back to the way they were and this poverty level drops and the crime rates drop and we don’t have to worry about our families anymore.

    • Posted by That’s a pretty armchair comment on

      I don’t blame the NPS, or lawyers or legal or illegal alcohol for this mess with drugs. I blame the wind of the waste of money used by organizations going around the communities do this healing and preaching the nothingness of life. I’m blame them because they’re the ones that have the funds to implement programs and foster wellbeing in Nunavik. They waste every cent in travel, hotels , expensive suppers, all the while blindly telling people that healing is on the go. I blame those that sit in meetings and talk about the same little piece of topic over and over with not one hint towards progress. I blame the flocks that you see going around the community coming in from this community and that community on some kind of urge to get to the beer store at 5 after their useless meeting. I go further to blame ignorance in the population as a result of no or very low motivating factors towards education. The problems are within, not in the police or lawyers. I’m out of my arm chair and standing firm as I say this, willing to be a voice at less.

  17. Posted by Name withheld on

    So how much is a gram of cocaine and the meth pills ?

    It’s crazy how the system works where those busted with a lot more are walking around freely until their court date.

    • Posted by Kuujjuaq on

      My Buddy is into coke and buys it at $300.00 a gram, i don t know about pills .

      • Posted by Name withheld on

        That sure is an expensive addiction!! ??.

        Thank you for the info. I have not seen either but I do hear they are in Nunavut communities and it’s saddens me to know how much they pay when the cost of living is outrageous enough !!

    • Posted by More questions then answers on

      There’s nothing better than having more questions than answers. Having all the answers comes from smart ass people that know nothing. But in your question, you are assuming that one bust is worth more than another bust due to what you read and hear in gossip. If you draw your answers based on preliminary findings, you may find out later that you made wrong assumptions. I say to you just wait and see how this pans out in the end, o, I agree with you, it looks like people are walking free for having more drugs in another bust, but just wait and see how interesting it could be.

  18. Posted by Bingo time for police on

    It’s like the police are playing a bingo game, and they’re winning on straight lines and small postage stamps, and 4 corners so to speak. We all know that if you play bingo long enough, you’ll win the jackpot sooner or later. The big ones are coming I think, just keep your eyes open for that big win. The pot itself must be getting nervous knowing that it’s soon to go.

  19. Posted by Da Waste B on

    To the people starting a relationship, it would be better for you to not get involved with anyone having dependency issues, be it alcohol or hard drugs. Do not feel it is any fault of your own if caught in those relationships.

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