Four new COVID-19 cases reported in Arviat, doubling Nunavut’s caseload

Territory records eight positive cases this month

Four new positive cases of COVID-19 have been identified in Arviat, the GN said Saturday. (File photo)

By Jim Bell

The Government of Nunavut has identified four new cases of COVID-19 in the Kivalliq community of Arviat as of 8 a.m., the GN said Saturday in a news release.

The four people are now in isolation and are “doing well,” the GN said.

This means a total of five Arviat residents have become infected with the novel coronavirus, after the Health Department confirmed the hamlet’s first case Friday. In Nunavut, the total number of positive cases now stands at eight.

In Sanikiluaq, where two positive cases were identified earlier this month, health workers have performed 63 additional tests, all yielding negative results, the GN said.

In Rankin Inlet, where one positive case was found earlier this week, the health department has done another 22 tests, all producing negative results.

Contact tracing continues in Rankin Inlet, Sanikiluaq and Arviat to prevent community transmission, the GN said.

Meanwhile, the government continues to urge Nunavummiut to limit their contacts, wash their hands, keep physical distancing whenever possible, not to shake hands, and to stay home when feeling sick.

“Individual actions can impact everyone’s health,” the news release said.

The Nunavut chief public health officer issued multiple new restrictions earlier this week for the Kivalliq region and Iqaluit.

All public health orders remain in the effect — they are available at this GN web page.

Outside Nunavut, the COVID-19 pandemic is escalating rapidly. Ontario announced 1,581 daily cases Saturday, a record number. Quebec announced 1,448 new infections and Manitoba announced 239 new positive cases.

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(15) Comments:

  1. Posted by Brenda on

    Why are non essential government staff still coming into our community? The media release said: “Individual actions can impact everyone’s health” but the government is not doing its part in prevention by allowing non essential staff to travel around. It is disrespectful for non essential government staff to keep traveling around during this crisis. We lack good medical care and the south is overburdened – we are in a dangerous position.

    • Posted by Nunasick on

      Covid didn’t come to Arviat through essential staff. It was someone who quarantined.
      Also, if they don’t continue to bring in qualified essential workers, who is going to do the essential work? You? Are you a qualified nurse or a doctor or other essential professional? The workers they are bringing in are called “essential” because they are needed in order for everyday life to function. If you want to argue that they shouldn’t fly up on the same planes as quarantined passengers, that’s a valid argument, but it doesn’t belong with this article about how covid is in Arviat, because that did not happen because of an essential worker.

      • Posted by Paul Dewar on

        Brenda is clearing commenting on NON ESSENTIAL GN STAFF – you have misread her comments.

    • Posted by Why can’t people follow rules? on

      Although the GN announcements are all about being politically correct and vague, we all know that this outbreak in Arviat is a result of residents returning to their home town and completely failing to observe social distancing. Many residents are being authorized to skip the hubs who are not essential workers, such as for compassionate reasons. People do not take the basic public health suggestions of avoiding contact and washing hands seriously. Just walk around any town and witness people hand shaking, bringing their whole family to the grocery store and so on. Nunavummuit are complacent and so this will spread fast.

      • Posted by Nunavummiutaq on

        response to “Why can’t people follow rules” Your ignorant statement “Nunavummuit are complacent and so this will spread fast.

      • Posted by Nunavummiutaq on

        I should’ve added that not everyone is smug as you are!!

  2. Posted by Scared on

    Shut down Nunavut except cargo n medivacs. Absolutely no travels. People please adhere to the CPHO Health advice.

    • Posted by StaySafe on

      Essential personnel who must travel include telecom, QEC, medical, airport supply and safety, and some who maintain critical infrastructure. If you want to have no internet or cellphones, no power, no water, and no other services, then we can shut it all down. Most of us who do that work rotate to Nunavut from down south and have families we have to see down south. There are not enough of us to quarantine for 14 days every trip. We get tested days before we travel. We need an electrician from down south in the next few days in the region and he won’t hub isolate, but will get tested. The GN doesn’t have much choice. These are the people who keep Nunavut operational.

  3. Posted by George on

    Don’t see this working out well

  4. Posted by Shutdown Winnipeg hub on

    According to the government provided information the individuals contracted covid while in isolation in the Winnipeg hub. How many more will have to be infected before they decide to remove these infection stations. Government could at least explain what steps this hubs are doing to prevent any more infections.

    • Posted by Jonathan Wright on

      Actually, the CPHO said in his public address that all the people who contracted Covid did so after attending the isolation hubs. Please research before commenting.

  5. Posted by okay on

    I am high risk, so I am done if I get Covid19. However, in my opinion, the GNWT, and the GN, the two weakest governments in Canada handle this situation badly. The GN and the GNWT had no plan, except appealing to our basic instinct of keeping everyone out except those who can feed us and take care of us. The GN’s hotel internment of its citizen is even worst, and history will eventually prove it. Nevertheless, we do need to respect this virus, wear your mask, do hand washing. Avoid spreading fear and panic, and be respectful of every Canadian. What if Alberta, BC, Ontario, and Alberta close their borders to territories? Canadians will never allow that to happen because the hardship will be detrimental.

  6. Posted by Inside nunavut on

    It’s time Nunavut, pack up and get back on the he land where it’s isolated , our Inuit designated organizations need to step up along with elected members of our legislative government, non essential travel are the main arteries into communities of the virus and we don’t know where everyone has been . Stop the virus from spreading into isolated communities, once rapid contamination occurs ,then more health care facilities will be overwhelmed along with the very essential worker. Bring back Essential camps for our elders and re-establish outposts camps / don’t have to be far to be isolated and informed of current situations.

  7. Posted by That Can Only End Badly on

    Yeah, that’s really going to work well for the urban population of Nunavut.

    Let me know how it works moving 20,000 or so people to the land.

  8. Posted by Toonik’s Grandfather on

    The clock was ticking for long time…….lack following the rules at the hub, medical trip become a holiday for two……I’ll stop here. There are certain families that cause many problems in every community. Time to work together for this deadly virus, it’s preventable.

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