Fox attacks Igloolik resident, prompting rabies warning from Health Department

A rabies case was reported in a fox on Dec. 14

A fox attacked an Igloolik resident nearly a week after a fox near the community was reported to have rabies. (Photo by Paul Nuyalia)

By Nunatsiaq News

A person in Igloolik was attacked by a fox on Monday, prompting the Government of Nunavut to warn people in the hamlet of a “greatly increased” risk of rabies in the community.

The attack occurred almost a week after the Health Department reported a fox in the area had tested positive for rabies.

“The significant number of sightings and recent confirmed case of rabies in foxes in Igloolik has greatly increased the risk of human exposure to rabies,” says an advisory issued by Health Department spokesperson Danarae Somerville.

Left untreated, rabies is almost always fatal, so anybody who is scratched or bitten by a fox or a dog should go to the hospital immediately, the GN says.

According to the Canadian Immunization Guide, a rabies vaccine should be given on the first day a person may have been infected.

Rabies can cause infected animals to behave strangely, stagger, froth at the mouth, choke or make strange noises. People are urged to avoid any animal exhibiting those behaviours, the GN’s advisory states. As well, foxes that have rabies may appear friendly, and should be avoided.

The Health Department called on people in Igloolik to tie up their dogs and monitor them for any signs of rabies.

Anyone who sees a fox or wolf in the community, or a dog acting strangely, should contact the local wildlife guardian at 867-934-8999 or the regional environmental health officer at 867-975-1163, the GN advisory says.

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(3) Comments:


    NOT sure if SPCA/ Humane Society will be develop in decentralized Municipalities to coordinate rabies vaccinations of Pet’s, or dog team musher’s??? This should be part of infrastructure basically with dog’s being slaughtered in the 50’s. This should be part of compensation, and infrastructure to develop HUMANE SOCIETY in Nunavut.

    When is SPCA or Humane Society infrastructure plan to be considered, and develop in Nunavut? You’ll notice a lot of stray dog’s. Where is the VOICE on this???

    • Posted by Sheena on

      There is no Nunavut humane society. No funding, no building, no veterinary services. = No Services!

      However, help supporting such a society is needed and appreciated.

  2. Posted by S on

    The title of the article and the subtitle of the article refer to a fox attacking a human, yet there is nothing in the article about the attack. It would be worth writing about the attack; it would be interesting to read and learn about the attack.

    Was there am attack?

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