People in Nunavik and Nunavut can now travel between the two regions without having to quarantine. With no direct commercial flights between the two places, the new rule only applies to chartered flights and travel by boat. (File photo by Sarah Rogers)

Health officials open common travel area between Nunavut, Nunavik

With no direct flights between the regions, new rule only applies to chartered flights and travel by boat

By Nunatsiaq News

People travelling between Nunavut and Nunavik no longer have to quarantine, announced health officials in both jurisdictions on Thursday.

The travel bubble includes children and people who are not vaccinated.

“These decisions were made based on family ties between Nunavik and Nunavut, the low rate of COVID-19 cases in both regions, the end of the outbreak in Iqaluit, and the similarities of travel restrictions for travellers coming from elsewhere,” said Josée Levesque, a spokesperson for Nunavik’s health board, in a news release.

The new rule only applies to chartered flights and travel by boat, however, because there are no commercial flights that go directly between Nunavik and Nunavut.

Canadian North used to operate regular flights between Montreal, Kuujjuaq and Iqaluit, but hasn’t since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Travellers going to each destination must still fill out the appropriate entry forms.

Visitors coming into Nunavik are also required to be screened for COVID-19 on the seventh day after arriving in the region.

The Government of Nunavut does not test for travel purposes.

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(12) Comments:

  1. Posted by Children First on

    “The new rule only applies to chartered flights and travel by boat, however, because there are no commercial flights that go directly between Nunavik and Nunavut.”
    Another useless rule to reward the privileged and wealthy.

  2. Posted by My two cents on

    Just hope this will get Cdn North to put the Iqaluit-Kuujjuaq line back in service. Many familly and friends divided in both communities.

  3. Posted by christina thomas on

    I live in halifax NS and have family living in sanikiluaq NU and I visit for a month every year( except during the pandemic ) but Air Inuit doesn,t have a fight from montreal to sani now .I know I could travel from winnipeg but its more expensive and they don,t offer a seniors discount . I am hoping they resume the flight soon . I miss my great grandchildren

  4. Posted by air inuit on

    Hopefully air inuit sees this as a good enough reason to reinstate the MTL-Kuujjuraapik/Whapoomogoosti-Sanikiluaq flight. Most Sanikiluaqmiut have ties with Nunavik and not Nunavut

    • Posted by One of Life’s Mysteries on

      Exactly. It has always been a mystery to me why Sani was incorporated as part of Nunavut – the connections are weak at best.

      • Posted by Fight also for it on

        hi, it’s because the coast/land belong to the Nunavik, but when you step in the water your right away in Nunavut

        • Posted by Why Was It Done? on

          Yes, I understand this, but why? Sani should be part of Quebec, it is was insane to make it part of Nunavut. Does anyone know why this was done?

          • Posted by Sanikiluaqmiu on

            Why do people expect sanikiluaq to become Quebec? If you don’t like the fact that it’s part of Nunavut you can easily move out of the town and move to northern Quebec.

          • Posted by 100 years ago on

            Because NWT had claim to all islands in Hudson Bay James Bay Ungava bay and when NWT broke a piece off to become Nunavut those islands became nunavut. This dates back to the early 1900s.

            • Posted by Exactly on

              Thank you, but you’ve highlighted what I’m trying to say.

              There was a perfect opportunity to make a Sani part of Quebec instead of unthinkingly transferring it from NWT to Nunavut.

          • Posted by Theo on

            Hi there, its a bit complicated it all started with the JAmes Bay Agreement between Northern Quebec Inuit and the Quebec Government back in the 70’s, Sanikiluarmiut were given the chance to side with Northern Quebec as they were in disagreement with the Hydro plans and became sort of the renegades of the agreement in process.
            If you have a chance to talk with elders like Moses Apaqqaq and Lucassie Arragutainnaq you can get the play by play from them :0.

            • Posted by Thank You on

              Thank you very much, this is the sort of detailed information that is so very hard to find.

              I appreciate the time for your thoughtful and helpful response.

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