How do the political parties decide who runs for Nunavut MP?

“It seems like the smaller communities across the territory of Nunavut don’t have a say”

Signs posted in Iqaluit promote the candidates who ran for the Nunavut seat in the 2011 federal election. Our reader asks about how those parties choose their candidates. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

As a community member and a resident of Nunavut, I would like to know how people are chosen to run for Liberal candidate, NDP candidate, Conservative candidate and independent candidate.

It seems like the smaller communities across the territory of Nunavut don’t have a say on who will run as a federal MP for each party in Nunavut.

Nunavummiut need to talk about who wants to run for each party. Is it Iqaluit that does the selection?

Who are the people who decide who is going to run for each party in Nunavut for MP? Why are the rest of Nunavummiut not aware of who is going to run?

Smaller communities need to be aware of the process, and who makes the decisions.

This is very important and we as smaller communities need to hear what is going on and who is running.

Please, help me answer many of our questions on who is running for MP and how the decisions are being made.

Paul Puqiqnak
Gjoa Haven

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(9) Comments:

  1. Posted by Peter Ohokanoak on

    Hi Paul,

    You can run as an independent or have a political party endorse you. Being endorsed by a party happens in different ways, the party can seek out candidates who best represent the values of the party and the Territory, or you can reach out to the party and make your case as to why you should be their candidate. You would also need to register as a member of the party.

    Either independent or endorsed by a party, a potential candidate needs to follow the steps on the Elections Canada website:

    1.Check that you meet the criteria set out in Part 6 of the Canada Elections Act
    2. Appoint an official agent and eligible auditor
    3. Obtain and fill out a Nomination Paper (EC 20010)
    4. Obtain at least 100 (or at least 50, if applicable) eligible signatures
    5. Have a qualified elector witness your consent to the nomination
    6. Have the witness to your consent file the nomination paper and other required documents with the returning officer before 2:00 p.m. local time on Monday, the 21st day before election day
    7. Submit the required financial documents following the election

    • Posted by Paul Puqiqnak on

      Hi Peter, thanks for the information, I don’t have any intensions of running for MP for Nunavut, I just wanted to know how the process was made.

      thank you

      • Posted by Peter Ohokanoak on

        No problem, it’s good to know the process.

        All the best.

  2. Posted by Knockout Ned on

    The Conservative Candidate is usually picked in Ottawa. The local riding association is then notified of the nominee by registered letter.

    The Liberal Candidate is also usually picked in Ottawa, but they make a show of going through the process of talking to different locals. They then notify the local riding association of the nominee by fax. There’s a young lady in Rankin currently seeking the nomination, but no one really believes she will be the candidate. Folks in Ottawa have already picked someone, and they’re letting her campaign to make it look good.

    The NDP generally conduct a candidate search, which I understand is underway right now.

  3. Posted by Paul Murphy on

    Knockout Ned. Not totally accurate. Those people seeking the nomination within the Conservative part must put in their nomination papers by a given closing date. The local nominating committee selected from within the Nunavut members in good standing review the applications, do interviews of the candidates and make their choice known to the head office. They in turn do due diligence decide yea or nay at that time. But the final decision is always after consultation with the Nunavut Electoral Association.

  4. Posted by Ms.Talk on

    About time someone asked the question. The liberal party of Nunavut ( a very small select group of people ) decided for years who to put as an MP. It was even like a secret not to let others know in the Territory how the real process worked. The distance between communities also make it hard to have leadership forums but with internet, it could probably happen somehow. The MP’s both were just back benchers for years and never really said anything to assist the Territories. One even went to Political science courses in University while being MP. Most times the Liberal MP in both cases probably didn’t attend meetings or sat in the Legislature of Canada during all the years being elected.
    Relationships with families across the territory worked in both MP’s and not so much the political smarts.

  5. Posted by Voter on

    I think I will be voting NDP this time, I’m still on the fence, depending who the Liberals have for a candidate, even with some things the PM has been doing I cannot support Sheer one bit, all he does is attack and doesn’t have a platform to stand on.
    I just can’t support another term with the Conservatives, the last one was a nightmare and we are still trying to move away from it today.
    So NDP you have a good chance here, pick some good people and let’s see where it goes.

    • Posted by Jen on

      I’m not a big fan of Trudeau but I also cannot make myself support Scheer, the Conservatives Reform Alliance Party is too close to the far right, Scheer seems to be talking with the far right groups so much and attacking constantly instead of talking about what he would do, I just don’t trust them. I’m not voting for the CRAP but I too am waiting for who runs for the NDP and Liberals to decide on who I am voting for.

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