Iqaluit man dies following shack fire

Fire department responded to fire shortly after midnight

A man has died after a shack fire on the beach in Iqaluit, which was reported to firefighters and the police just after midnight. (Photo by Emma Tranter)

By Nunatsiaq News

An Iqaluit man is dead after a shack fire on the beach that was reported in the early hours of this morning, Nunavut RCMP said in a news release.

The fire broke out at a shack behind the elders’ qammaq, the release said.

The police received a report of the fire shortly after midnight. When they arrived, the Iqaluit fire department was already on the scene.

“One adult male was located and removed from the shack and provided with immediate medical care. He was rushed to the Qikiqtani General Hospital by ambulance and pronounced deceased,” the release said.

Ten firefighters responded to the incident, the City of Iqaluit said in a separate news release.

The cause of the fire is unknown at this time and is currently being investigated by the Office of the Chief Fire Marshall and the RCMP, the City of Iqaluit said.

Anyone who may have witnessed the incident or has more information is asked to contact the police at 867-979-1111 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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(4) Comments:

  1. Posted by General Mills on

    This article fails to mention that this happened on Inuit owned land that is supposed to be managed to the Qikiqtani Inuit Association and is only the latest death of many on that strip of land.

  2. Posted by Nunavutmiuta on

    How many more of us homeless people have to die before our Government and Inuit organization steps in to address homelessness. All the homeless people who have died were my fellow clients at the men shelter. Do I have to sacrifice my life to help my fellow homeless people, is that what needs to be done?

    • Posted by Three legged caribou on

      There is an important election coming soon.
      No, not the one in the USA.
      I’m referring to the Nunavut election in the Fall of 2021.
      Now is the time for you to start preparing to be a candidate. But, more important, now is the time to start preparing to govern when you get elected.
      Don’t wait for the bureaucrats to tell you all the things you “have to do”. Give them half a chance and they’ll have you running in circles, getting nothing accomplished. That’s what “successful” senior civil servants are best at.
      Figure out what to do and how to do it. You will make a few mistakes, but you will learn and move on.
      And one more thing.
      Start now, looking for like-minded people who will help you. In a democracy you need votes. Votes in Cabinet and votes in the Legislatue. No one does it all by themselves.

  3. Posted by Uvaali on

    Living in West Kitikmeot I did not see homelessness as a child. There are now cases where we (see personally) find “beds” in storage spaces, boats, etc.

    When will those tasked with helping hear the need?

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