An Iqaluit musher posted this photo of his missing dog on Facebook early today. He later discovered the animal hanging in a sea can by the beach.

Iqaluit police still looking for info on July dog death

Sled dog was found hanged along Iqaluit’s sealift off-loading area on July 31

By Nunatsiaq News

Iqaluit police are once again appealing to the public to come forward with information about the vicious death of a sled dog in the city last summer.

Early July 31, sled dog team owner Izaac Wilman discovered one of his huskies dead and strung up against a wooden post in a sea can along the community’s sealift off-loading area.

Wilman had secured the six-month-old puppy with the rest of his dog team near the creek the previous evening.

Iqaluit RCMP have been investigating the incident over the last five months.

Anyone with information can call the RCMP at 867-979-1111 or to report information anonymously, contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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  1. Posted by Eye for an eye on

    If they figure out who did it, maybe give him a taste of their own medicine. Eye for an eye.

  2. Posted by Qavvigarjuk on

    it is known that people who torture and are cruel to animals are also violent againts people. It is important to find that responsible person. People’s lives may be at stake.

  3. Posted by baffinmuit on

    no cops ever concern over this in my town. syco kids do it

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