Kenn Harper to talk Fifth Thule Expedition in Ottawa

Author, columnist will take to the Alex Trebek Theatre stage on March 22 for free event

Kenn Harper is scheduled to speak at the Alex Trebek Theatre in Ottawa tonight on Knud Rasmussen and the Fifth Thule Expedition. (File photo by Madalyn Howitt)

By Nunatsiaq News

Author Kenn Harper is planning to speak in Ottawa this spring about a century-old historical expedition through Nunavut.

The Fifth Thule Expedition began in 1921 when Knud Rasmussen, a Dane from Greenland, and his team of 10 travelled to what is now known as Nunavut to explore the origin of Inuit.

They set up a base near today’s Naujaat and travelled to communities such as Igloolik, Nome, Alaska, and as far east as Siberia.

Harper, a longtime contributor to Nunatsiaq News through his Taissumani column, says the expedition is worth appreciating because Rasmussen and his team collected Inuit stories, myths, legends, songs and history along the way.

The free event is scheduled for March 22 at the Alex Trebek Theatre at 50 Sussex Dr. in Ottawa. Registration is online at


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(4) Comments:

  1. Posted by C.M. on

    Kudos, Kenn is without a doubt a gentleman and scholar. Historical knowledge, knowing where we come from and how we got to where we are is fantastic, great, essential… (more adjectives).

  2. Posted by Aksaqtunguaq Ashoona on

    it is with pleasure to say it is absolutely fantastic that Kenn himself will educate people from all walks of life.
    the very historical events that only Kenn himself brought it back to life for people like us to know the richness of the mind. and how they had to navigate is another story to admire and just be amazed. I personally have a lot of respect to Kenn and Knud Rasmussen.

    I love the idea and hope to attend the event.


  3. Posted by Aksaqtunguaq Ashoona on

    way to go Kenn, great job!!

    your friend,

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