Nunavik COVID-19 cases nearly double over weekend

Six new communities have at least one case, regional health board reports

Kangiqsualujjaq continues to be Nunavik’s hotspot for COVID-19, with 20 active cases, half of the region’s 40 cases reported Monday by the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services. (File photo by Sarah Rogers)

By Nunatsiaq News

Nunavik’s COVID-19 case count nearly doubled over the weekend — to 40 active cases on Monday, up from 22 on Friday, when the regional health board provided its last update.

The number of villages with at least one case of the respiratory illness also increased to 10 from six, according to an update posted on the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services’ Facebook page.

The board also reported on Sunday that the Omicron variant has been confirmed in the region, but did not name the community where it was detected.

Kangiqsualujjuaq continues to have the highest number of cases with 20 — an increase of seven from where it stood on Friday. Kuujjuaq has the second-most with six.

Ivujivik, which was not on the list last week of communities where COVID-19 was present, had five cases as of Monday. The health board added it to the list of communities on its ‘red alert’ for public health restrictions.

There were two cases in each of Inukjuak and Tasiujaq.

And there was a single case in each of Akulivik, Kangiqsujuaq, Kangirsuk, Quaqtaq, and Salluit.


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  1. Posted by Omicron carriers on

    People still don’t get it. The real problem is ignorance when it comes to Covid. Just take a peek at a Facebook page called Your Voice On Nunavik. There you will witness a live show of pure ignorance when it comes to Covid. As omicron makes it mark, ignorance keeps blaming the vaccinated as being carriers of the virus. Now, carriers are a concern, and vaccinated can be carrier’s of the virus, but if everyone was vaccinated, then our biggest concern would be having carriers with less concern to carrying it to only other vaccinated carriers. The fact is vaccinated persons are far less likely to get sick, even if they are carriers. Like if we are all carriers and vaccinated, then that’s a successful way, the problem is not , not so much the carriers, but who the carriers are infecting, through no fault of their own. If you get infected by a vaccinated person, and you are not vaccinated I feel sorry for you. If you get vaccinated, you can now be a carrier, and less likely to get sick. So don’t worry about the carriers, worry about the non vaccinated, and if you’re one on them , get the shot, and be part of the solution.

  2. Posted by KARMA!!!!! on

    in our nunavik community, 65 ppl arrived from a southern city. out of those 65 ppl who are suppose to be in a 10 day quarantine are not following omnicrom carriers state ppl are ignorant. yes they are ignorant and believe just because they are inuit they do not have to follow protocol just because of who their last family name is. also they believe they are immune to this deadly virus (ignorance once again). every person has a part in helping the communities but there are still those ppl who are angry and do not believe that the covid 19 pandemic is real and they refuse to get not visit, have no visitors, do not go inside public places, social distance, wash hands. what is so hard about being in a 10 day quarantine. stop being selfish and think of others in the community.stop getting drunk and or stoned with 7, 8, 9 people in a household.

    • Posted by Good point KARMA, with a but. on

      Oh yes, karma you have a good point, but everything that we are facing with Covid boils down to unvaccinated infected people. 10 day quarantines and 5 days test, rapid or pcr, it’s all important, but it’s the unvaccinated that we’re trying to get through to with the campaign of recovery from all this pandemic misery we are in to. Every restriction and protocol put in place yesterday, today and tomorrow will only achieve any amount of success if the population becomes vaccinated. No vaccinated, no real success, 10 day quarantine or 5 this and that will only do so much. People need to get their heads around the importance of vaccinations .

  3. Posted by Ironically sarcastic sadly so. on

    In an ideal world dealing with Covid, everyone would get vaccinated and life would continue in a normalcy as we know it. But it’s not an ideal world, so be it. Therefore we do the best with offering the best we can to fight the war against this virus, in spite of the opposition to vaccinations. It do appear that the vaccine is available to citizens globally, with exceptions in some poor countries, and hopefully help will go to the needy from the wealthy. It seems the opposition to the vaccination and those that believe all kinds of foolishness need a real wake up call. Unfortunately the wake up call that they need is to witness more sickness, to see for themselves how people are dying from being not vaccinated. But it appears too, in an unfortunate way, those opposing the rules and the vaccination are at war with the vaccinated only. They’re failing to see beyond the vaccinated, they’re not seeing the unvaccinated, themselves, because of all the opposition they have towards vaccination. There’s a real need to do more reporting about the impact that Covid is having on the unvaccinated, and start inviting the opposition to the hospital rooms , notwithstanding, mask, isolation, and what not, but get the, to see first hand what’s taken place in the last days of ventilating patient. Yes they need a wake up call.

  4. Posted by Guest who what when and where on

    The best way to get Nunavik into taken this Covid seriously is to have some guessing games in the plan. Education don’t seem to be that important to many people. The guessing games , yes the little childish guess games, those we see going on at Christmas time seems to have some powerful potential to help the authorities out here. Like guessing what I’m looking at now? Guess who I saw first when I woke up? Guess what I had for breakfast? That’s the educational playfulness that Nunavik thrives on. If we could only figure out mathematically what Johnny is looking at while at the fm station doing games, then we will certainly be capable of figuring out the future devastation of Covid in our communities. Or will we? Let’s get real with this little childish adult playing guess games, and put something real in the answers. Like guess when more people are going to get vaccinated? Guess how many people are infected now, tomorrow’, and next week? Guess how many people don’t have a clue? Authorities could really use this type of adult childishness to help Nunavik. At least we could catered the education to the level of a guessing game to allow the childish adults to understand, or can we do anything for them?

  5. Posted by Vaccinated here with 3rd dose on

    This is what I got to say about my vaccination status, 3rd doser me. I don’t even know what all the discussions are about really. I’ve been going , coming, free to move, got my vaccine, got tested , don’t know how many times, got my bags checked at security as well, all part and parcel of travel. Never had Covid, hope not to get it either, trying my best not too, and don’t have much of an issue with restrictions, protocols, just going about my life, doing all the things I love to do, could even say , don’t know that anything really changes too much in my daily life. I think it’s because, I feel part of the solution, watching so many people being part of the problem. Get you shot you bloody foolish people that are bitching about Covid.

  6. Posted by Greed at the stores on

    Why can’t the stores help the situation by enforcing maximum customers and ensuring hand sanitizing etc.
    Travel restrictions will not work for community transmission where stores are going about regular business / lineups and customers simply browsing and socializing.
    All the hype of a pandemic yet store owners seem more concerned with profit margins.

  7. Posted by north of 60 on

    All of you people need to get off main stream media, it’s all freaking propaganda. Paid by the government and the big companies. Do your own little research and do not use google search engine.

  8. Posted by Peter on

    Its all quite simple, get your shots, follow the rules and this too shall pass. Where I live in New Brunswick we have 85% double shot coverage. No lockdown, some restrictions and life goes on, not rocket science what we have to do.

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