Nunavik curfew no longer applies to harvesters

Residents now allowed to hunt and fish during curfew hours

As of May 1, Nunavimmiut going out on the land to hunt and fish are now able to do so without being confined by the Nunavik-wide curfew. (Photo by Elaine Anselmi)

By Nunatsiaq News

Nunavik residents wanting to hunt and fish may now do so without worrying about breaking a region-wide curfew.

The Nunavik Regional Emergency Preparedness Advisory Committee announced the amendment to the curfew on May 1 to exempt residents travelling outside their communities to hunt or fish during curfew hours.

A curfew has been in place across Nunavik since late March, with its hours set at 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. as of April 15, to help contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.

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(11) Comments:

  1. Posted by Doesn’t make sense on

    thanks to this exception, drunks get to drive their skidoo’s during the night, when they aren’t going anywhere except in the community.

    • Posted by The real hunter and fisher on

      The real hunter and fisher already respects the curfew within the rules. This now gives permission to those drunks to keep drinking and driving all night long. Krpf should hopefully deal with them anyway.

  2. Posted by INUK on

    I v been coming and going for the last month

    • Posted by To hunter fisher inuk on

      Inuk, did you every stay in the wilderness for a night, rather than coming and going?That’s what we do, we stay out.

  3. Posted by When in Rome on

    That is awesome good, hunters, campers, fishers more likely that not know of any risk what with the 24/7 C-virus on the airwaves. And they have been enjoying the break and warming and longer daylight to be out on the land. Officially Okay :).

  4. Posted by Mr. Positive on

    This is awesome good news. Happy with When in Rome.
    It is a positive positive for mental health. Mental health is always an after thought but it is very, very important part of life.

    • Posted by Mental health on

      It’s so funny how the virus prevention and the curfew has given new vision to many people. It appears to wake people up. Suddenly realized for the first time that mental health is really important. As for the life some people have been living in abuse, and neglect this wake up call is the best of the best the covid-19 offers. But the thing that’s so sad, is those getting a wake up call, will only go back to their negative ways in a short time. To be motivated by an outside force does nothing for people that have no inside real time motivation. Yes, take away a few freedoms from some people, then slowly introduce them back with delight, and the gullible finds temporary joy.

  5. Posted by The curfew on

    I’m been watching this curfew and it’s curfewees very closely. It’s the same as a dog that has been running around, then suddenly the owners put the dog on a leash. Then the dog goes to the end of the leash almost choking. You see people going around 930 at night, right up to the last minute before the 10 o’clock curfew. These same people rarely go out anyway, just because of the leash, aka, curfew, they need to go out just to see what the neck will feel like once stretched to the end. As for the ones going out drinking and driving, a good old road block by krpf would be bingo night at the local station, lots of snoring in the cells.

  6. Posted by Only where needed on

    Curfews, alcohol restrictions, like 8 beers only. Inuit need to look at themselves for this. No where else in Quebec or the country such kind of child like restrictions are needed. Yes take a hard look at why Inuit need to have these restrictions when others are not needing them. Ask why. Ask yourself why. There’s restrictions everywhere, but Nunavik might have them due to immaturity.

  7. Posted by Good choice on

    Out there, you forget about all the crap going on in a village. The only things you see is the sun, the wilderness, waiting for fish to bite and geese to fly over, building a fire and have tea and bannock. Listening to the birds and watching the mountains.

    Those who never go out on the land should try it;and maybe they’d come back renewed and stop minding others; like trying to control them and looking and waiting for us to make a mistake.

    And maybe they would stop telling others they’re dying; especially the poor elders being reminded over and over that they’re on their deathbeds now.

    • Posted by Curfews are good on

      Curfews are good for motivation. I see more people going out on the land now. It started when the curfew first came in effect and more so when the geese started arriving. And since the relaxing of the curfews for hunters, even more people going out. It’s like many are realizing their freedoms and rushing to enjoy life while having a new permit. There should be more research done in this new way of life. I know many people that are always out hunting don’t feel affected at all, but for those who are borderline with outdoors and hunting, fishing , curfews are the extra push to get them out there. And they don’t even realize it all.

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