Nunavik’s health board has announced two new cases of COVID-19 in Puvirnituq. (File image)

Nunavik health officials declare two more COVID-19 infections in Puvirnituq

Regional tally now stands at 16

By Nunatsiaq News

There are two new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Puvirnituq, the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services said on Sunday afternoon.

These two new cases bring the number of people with confirmed COVID-19 infections to 16 in Nunavik.

Of these, 14 live in Puvirnituq, home to about 1,900 people.

“These cases were confirmed through laboratory testing. The tests were done as a precautionary measure for people who had been in contact with known cases and who were already in isolation,” the health board said in its online statement.

The tests were done to see if the residents’ self-isolation periods could be lifted or not.

“In light of these positive tests, their isolation period will need to be extended,” the health board said.

There are two other COVID-19 cases in Nunavik: one in Inukjuak, and another in Salluit.

Meanwhile, the health board said three people infected with COVID-19 have recovered in Puvirnituq, bringing the total number of recovered people to 10 (nine in Puvirnituq and one in Salluit).

Last week, in an interview with Nunatsiaq News, Dr. Marie Rochette, Nunavik’s director of the public health, said Nunavik is likely to see more cases of COVID-19.

“The infection is so contagious, and so many people have it outside the region, that we expect to have other cases,” Rochette said.

As of April 26, Santé Québec said there were 24,107 cases of COVID-19 in Quebec.

If you are in Nunavik and are concerned that you may have COVID-19, you can call the number below to speak to a nurse in Inuktitut, English or French.

COVID-19 HEALTH LINE: 1-888-662-7482
Monday to Sunday: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

If you are in Nunavik and have general questions about COVID-19, you can call the number below to speak to a health board worker.

COVID-19 INFO LINE: 1-833-301-0296
Monday to Friday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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(7) Comments:

  1. Posted by Hear ye hear ya on

    Concerning news. Many weeks have gone by since salluit case confirmed. Many weeks also since Puvirnituq first case confirmed thereafter salluit. Theses new cases of recent should concern us all, more then is indicative. It’s means the carriers are doing a slow creepy job, not aware of course. The virus is alive and taking its time to get around into Nunavik. We’re inclined to let the guard down, and are praising the glory of recovering people, kind of at the expense of it getting worst. Many people , I believe are not following the protocol. The health and social services , KRG, municipal, needs to get more strict. If these measures are not amended into stricter measures, then it’s not going to be good. We still have it in our hands yet to flatten the curve, but only if curfews, gatherings, and physical distancing are enforced. it’s still up to us at this point, listen up authorities, listen up
    People who are not following the rules.

  2. Posted by Reinfection on

    As i was just reading CTV news Montreal in that experts are cautioning about reinfection of the covid_19. So recovery is a wonderful thing, but what about having those that recovered to keep practicing the protocol? Look at Nunavik health and social services site on Facebook, and there’s no caution announcement. Should there be one?

  3. Posted by The Old Trapper on

    I am seriously disappointed in Quebec, Ontario, and now Alberta for their poor results in flattening the curve. And it’s only fair to include the federal government and ALL political parties.
    The above provinces and the federal government didn’t act fast enough or with strict enough restrictions. Do we live with 200, 500, 800 new cases a day for the above provinces while PEI and NB have this under control, NL, MB, SK doing a good job, even NS and BC look like they are finally getting a handle on it.
    So to the Prime Minister, and the Premiers where Covid-19 is still a problem, FFS go on TV together, in prime time, talk to all Canadian and tell people to stay the F*** home. Oh, also close all the liquor, beer, and cannabis store until this is over. One person per household to do shopping once a week – draw up a schedule based on last name. No social gathering, no shopping other than groceries, no takeout or delivery, learn to cook or eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. It’s not going to kill anyone and it might just make you healthier.
    Get it together and this is over in 2 to 3 weeks. Keep doing half measures and this will go on for months and months.

  4. Posted by I guess on

    I guess you mean are those people still sick.
    They can be still sick, gone forever, or got well.
    I guess announcements will come.

  5. Posted by Contradicting on

    A few weeks ago m the nrbhss indicated that confirmation by epidemiology for close contacts, as not to be actual tested. But those last two cases are said to be from close contacts, but testing is done thereafter to determine if they need to continue self isolation. This is interesting on the nrbhss part of considering confirmation, epidemiology, and actual testing. Like, they do actual testing only to see if the positive cases can now come out of isolation?

  6. Posted by She’s coming around on

    It’s a matter of a short time. Nunavik will not be spared. In fact, the delay of it hitting Nunavik with more dire consequences concerns me. So far a few cases, with most recovered, and then a few new cases many weeks down the road from the first confirmed cases should be a red flag. One of the biggest challenges with stopping this virus is the non symptomatic carriers combined with the behaviours of the carrier to not understand, or not comply with preventive measures. What we’re seeing in Nunavik is exactly that. It doesn’t take many carriers to do just that. With the numbers so large in the province, it’s just waiting to get to Nunavik. Right now , Nunavik is in a bubble surrounded by the force of the virus that will either burst the bubble or slowly infiltrate in bits and pieces until it finds enough inside to live and flourish. People are not taking this seriously enough.

  7. Posted by He’s coming she said on

    It’s interesting to see the stuff of Jesus and his second coming being posted these days. I was just looking at one face book page called your voices on Nunavik. It’s one of those pages where the ignorance and uneducated flourish into oblivion of god himself if he was real would not know. Posts of the incredible, unbelievably, even laced with racism and fake news in unawareness to life itself. There’s one post where someone had a dream that Jesus is coming soon. That’s the kind of people that society is struggling with right now. The people that if not put into some kind of checks and bounds would have us all infected within a week or two. Yes! That’s one of our biggest hindering to getting the virus under control. I don’t think ! If Jesus was able to come, that he would want to with such idiots that he may have created.

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