Nunavik police announce another drug bust in Salluit

Operation carried out Monday seized more drugs and money; charges pending

Nunavik police show off their haul following a March 6 drug bust in Salluit. (Photo courtesy of Nunavik Police Service)

By Nunatsiaq News

Nunavik Police Service has seized more drugs and money in Salluit following another drug bust in the community.

The Nunavik Integrated Investigation Team searched a single-family home in the community on Monday, according to a news release published Friday.

According to police, officers confiscated 50 grams of crack cocaine, more than 350 grams of cannabis and an unspecified amount of LSD. Police also seized $2,000 in cash, and equipment allegedly used in drug trafficking.

Criminal charges could be laid following a decision from a prosecutor with the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions.

A suspect is already in custody following a series of drug searches from over a week earlier in Salluit.

In those busts, which took place Feb 23 and 24, police seized several different drugs and more than $17,000 in cash.


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(3) Comments:

  1. Posted by Northerner on

    Crack cocaine , very addictive schitt . wonder , how long before fentanyl finds its way up here.

    • Posted by the bodies will hit the floor on

      You’ll know when fentanyl makes it up here.. With the compulsive, snort every last line, drink every last can, have every last drop of the mickey attitude that exist up here..

      Does not work with fentanyl. A substance that requires incredible control and restraint to use for addicts.

    • Posted by Mr.Miyagi on

      Fentanyl was found in Puvirnituq some months ago, leading to one overdose death. Luckily the others that took it got medical help.

      Good job, NPS! Keep them busts coming!

      Cmon mayors! Ban these drug dealers from entering nunavik! Only when they’re threatened with exile will they stop this nonsense!

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