Nunavik police intercept bootlegged alcohol in transit

KRPF says it seized $29,000 worth of vodka

Nunavik police intercepted about $29,000 in illegal alcohol in Puvirnituq this week. (Photo courtesy of the KRPF)

By Nunatsiaq News

Nunavik police seized a shipment of bootlegged alcohol in Puvirnituq this week.

The Kativik Regional Police Force said it received a tip about a suspected shipment of multiple parcels that recently arrived in the Hudson coast community. On June 29, officers executed a search warrant that led them to parcels containing 193 bottles of liquor, the KRPF said in a news release on Tuesday, June 30.

An estimated $29,000 worth of vodka was destined for individuals in both Ivujivik and Salluit, the police said.

But the KRPF has yet to make any arrests in connection to the bootlegged booze. The police said the investigation is ongoing.

With direct flights from Montreal, Puvirnituq has long been a hub for bootlegged alcohol destined for other communities along Nunavik’s Hudson coast.

The KRPF encourage Nunavimmiut to report the illegal sale of alcohol directly to their local detachment or anonymously through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-711-1800. Some information may qualify for a reward of up to $2,000.

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(9) Comments:

  1. Posted by Piitaqanngi on

    That’s roughly $150.25 a pop. Whew! We gotta demand that bootleg booze be reduced because it will always be here. Let’s demand that the prize be dropped by half.
    I mean kudos to the coppers but they’re not making a dent on the illegal selling of the product. Why can’t clients demand to pay less?

  2. Posted by Nunavik Inuk on

    They should X -ray all incoming boxes at Kuujjuaq and POV airports , the entry points to Nunavik. If you are doing nothing illegal , nothing to worry about. Think of the of the money that can be used on the families.

  3. Posted by Great on

    O my goodie. Like taking candy from the kid. Lots of police hours saved there. Lots of girls women and old people will be saved from abuse there. Go get them krpf. For the people that told on them yahoo, yahoo. It’s getting there. Now, getting revenue Canada and Quebec go to Kuujjuaq,see the big boats and other toys. Compare it to income, make them idiots pay.

  4. Posted by Glad on

    I’m glad these greedy selfish humans are getting caught and kids are beings saved from drunken parents

  5. Posted by A life or two spared on

    Great work. Surely a few lives saved. You see it don’t belong in the community. Alcohol don’t do well. Whenever you see this, call it blessed. What a waste of otherwise good drinks. Only in the North. Sad to see desperation like this. So much energy too, wasted on life lived trying to get booze, that is so freely gotten in other parts of the country, where it’s handled well. All this as we see, is totally due to the idiots that drink and cause trouble, thereby making it outlawed in the North. Hey people, when you see another drunk idiot, remember that the idiot is causing booze to be banned from the North. If people drink sensible it would not be like this.

    • Posted by Larik! on

      You’re totally correct. It isn’t the cops fault or the mayors fault or the nvs fault or anybody… and only just the drunk on the corner starting trouble is to blame. Then they use “we are alcoholics” as their excuse to hurt people.

  6. Posted by Pure Water on

    My goodness. Until alcohol consumers practice self-control for their urges, addictions, & abuse of this scourge of alcohol that has a foot hold on people, this problem of bootlegging will keep growing and the need for a wake up call has long been ignored sadly. But don’t despair as though there is no hope because we can be cured from all addictions, abusive, & pain. We to try different approaches and act on them…many ideas are not heard to deal with this issue.

    • Posted by Larik on

      Imagine this.. NUNAVIK BEING BOOZE FREE or at least, highly enforce what can be caught, until further notice. I know booze will be here always but imagine that the removal of booze is everyone’s priority and limit it to the bare bones, to get people settled with their issues until they can deal with them. Been to dry communities that seldomly ever see alcohol all along Nunavut.. when they drink, it isn’t as bad as nunavik. When they drink, they don’t roam the streets or drive drunk all night.

  7. Posted by Colin on

    Saved some lives and beatings, thank you!

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