Nunavik teachers’ union to strike Wednesday

One union president called the government’s current offer a ‘waste of time’

Teachers and support staff in Nunavik plan to go on strike Wednesday. Union leaders say contract negotiations with the government have been slow and frustrating. (Photo courtesy of the Association of Employees of Northern Quebec)

By Nunatsiaq News

Nunavik teachers and support staff will go on strike Wednesday to protest the slow pace of negotiations over new collective agreements.

Protests will be held in front of the Kativik School Board’s head office in Montreal between 1 and 2:30 p.m., according to a news release from one of the unions involved in the contract talks, the West Montreal school boards professionals union.

Carolane Desmarais, the union’s president, said the current offer from the government “is a waste of time.”

The Association of Employees of Northern Quebec, which represents Kativik Ilisarniliriniq teachers and support staff, has been negotiating a new contract for its employees since March 2020, when its previous contract expired.

“We just need to adopt measures that will attract and retain existing staff,” said Larry Imbeault, the president of the association, in a news release Tuesday.

The union is looking for a 1.75 per cent salary increase for its members in the first year — in addition to an hourly minimum for the lowest-paid employees — with a salary increase of 2.05 per cent in the second year and 2.20 per cent in the third.

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(11) Comments:

  1. Posted by Nunavik miuk on

    They are the most well off employees in nunavik with all the benefits and bonuses. What more they need to increase the gap from the locals.

    • Posted by We are lukcy to have teachers to our region on

      We are very lucky to have teachers that comes to our region to help our children, grandchildren in need of learning, to achieve great education to qualify good paying jobs.

      I hope they will get enough what they need, and to accomplish their needs.

      Good luck all

    • Posted by Outside looking In on

      Not all are well paid, many local hires get no or few benefits, no housing, no this no that and union reps have not explained what it is all about

      • Posted by Same teachers not grading my kids work? on

        I haven’t not heard a reply from Parfait Creme on who can grade my kids school work. This is basic stuff that’s being neglected and they’re asking for more? It’s unfair to my children and it’s outrageous to think that they need more when they’re not even fit to do their jobs.

  2. Posted by Not even inflation on

    The government is nuts. The days of 1-3% per year to cover inflation are gone. Houses up 30%+ and all the things we buy at the store are not far behind. At this rate unions need to ask for 10% year over year.

    • Posted by National and Provincial Averages on

      While housing prices are up across the country can you link where you’re seeing CPI increasing by more than 3% year over year? At a Canada wide level it has not nor has it on a Provincial level. For instance the average annual CPI increase in 2020 was 0.7%. In some provinces its actually negative such as NWT.

      If you follow the basic rule of 72 you will know that how long it takes to double your initial amount via compounding. If you followed your own comment teachers salary would nearly double every 7 years. That is absurd nor does it follow any type of logic. Even if you’re getting 3% right now you’re well in excess of annual CPI per the published statistics from the Federal Government of Canada as well as statistics released by the Bank of Canada and World Bank. All references below:

      • Posted by CPI Doesn’t Include the Price of Houses on

        CPI doesn’t include the price of houses.

        • Posted by Cost of money on

          Sure but the poster also does not factor that money is the cheapest it’s ever been in the last 100 years. Housing naturally increases as money becomes cheap since it gives more access to buy homes. A 1.75% fixed rate mortgage for the next five years results in significantly less interest paid and thus although the price of the home is more you’re not actually paying more since you’re paying less in interest. Now homes have driven up in some provinces in excess of those interest savings but based on the data although admittedly limited that has not happened as much in lower populated northern areas with the exception of areas that are more metropolitan such as Yellowknife. Life in the north has really not become that much more expensive and 10% You would be a completly outrageous.

  3. Posted by Misc on

    Happy Teacher = Happy Student! Happy Student = Happy Community!! Happy Community = Prosperous Community!!!

  4. Posted by unreliable, unhealthy on

    The teachers should have a contract agreeing that they would show up to work and teach, 5 days a week. Here in out town, kids are used to being free now and hate having to go to school on the rare days they have a teacher.

    It is unacceptable they had no school 60% of the time this year

    • Posted by sweety pie on

      teachers are stressed out so they stay home. they need the comforting words right now. give the comforting words and maybe they will go to school. lets think of the mental health.

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