Nunavut government may support TMAC-SD Gold sale, but with conditions

Nunavut wants to see commitment to respect previous agreements with Inuit

The Chinese gold-mining company Shandong Gold Mining Co. Ltd. wants to buy TMAC Resources Inc., which owns the Hope Bay goldfield, located 150 km southwest of Cambridge Bay. A review by the federal government is now underway, but the Government of Nunavut does not plan to table its submission to the federal review in the Nunavut legislature. (File image)

By Jane George

The Nunavut government has made a submission to federal reviewers now looking at the proposed sale of TMAC Resources Inc. to the Chinese-owned Shandong Gold Mining Co. Ltd.

Nunavut’s economic development minister, David Akeeagok, listens on Tuesday, Sept. 22, in the legislative assembly to questions from Gjoa Haven MLA Tony Akoak about the proposed sale of TMAC Resources Inc. to Shandong Gold Mining Co. Ltd. (Photo by Dustin Patar)

But, speaking on Tuesday in the Nunavut legislature, Economic Development Minister David Akeeagok would not say whether the Government of Nunavut supported the proposed sale in its submission to the federal reviewers.

In response to questions from Gjoa Haven MLA Tony Akoak, he said he did not want to comment more because the federal government is still in the middle of its review process.

But Akeeagok did say any GN support would be contingent on SD Gold honouring the terms and conditions that are part of the previous environmental reviews and agreements with Inuit on jobs, training and other benefits.

Akeeagok said he had spoken to the Stanley Anablak, the president of the Kitikmeot Inuit Association, about the proposed sale when this first came up in June.

Akeeagok said he supported the KIA’s efforts to ensure any proposed sale of TMAC would come with “clear and informed” commitments on Inuit employment and training and environmental protection.

But the GN and KIA did not prepare a joint submission to the federal reviewers, Akeeagok said, adding that he had not planned to table the GN submission during the current sitting.

The KIA, which represents Inuit in western Nunavut’s five communities, has not said whether or not it gave the federal agency a positive recommendation for the sale.

Under the Investment Canada Act, the government is looking at whether the deal with SD Gold is likely to increase employment in Canada, as well as its economic and other impacts.

The Investment Canada Act also allows Ottawa to review a transaction for national security reasons.

The minister of innovation, science and industry, Navdeep Bains, has extended the timeline to determine whether to start a national security review until Oct. 19.

Some hurdles have been cleared. On June 30, TMAC received a final order from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice approving the sale to SD Gold.

But until the government completes the federal review, which could be as late as Feb. 8, 2021, the sale, approved by 97 per cent of TMAC’s shareholders at a special meeting held in June, remains uncertain.

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(9) Comments:

  1. Posted by giving away our land to CCP on

    Can’t believe that anyone in the government or Inuit orgs is even considering this sale. It’s widely known that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) can quite easily control Chinese overseas companies. By allowing the sale to go through, the govt is essentially selling the minerals, resources, and arguably even access to the northwest passage to the Chinese government. Canadians throughout the country need to wake up to the reality that any dealings with China cannot be trusted. The GN wants to ensure that the company will uphold environmental regulations? What if they pack up and leave or disregard the environment.. send the bill to China.. who we all know has time and again refused to abide by international agreements, treaties, etc. Good luck holding this company or the Chinese govt to account

  2. Posted by golden bug on

    Not too into the future China will send warship saying “to protect their interest” to the high arctic and across the globe.

  3. Posted by GBH on

    You guys are hilarious. Are you for real? American propaganda has gotten into your heads.

  4. Posted by The Old Trapper on

    Based on the Chinese government illegally jailing two Canadian citizens on trumped up charges the federal government should tell this company to p*so off.

    Bring our citizens home before we sit down to review this sale.

    If the sale were to go ahead and I don’t think it should, then we want all bonds for cleanup paid in full in advance.

  5. Posted by Artie on

    GN like KIA lack foresight to see where this could/will lead. Reminds me of Tahera start-up days & KitIA, Feds, GN were pleased as punch. Even had a ribbon-cutting event… 2 years later Tahera went tits-up. Oh! and then there was Shear Minerals & all the pomp & celebration surrounding them… they still owe KitIA & feds $ for reclamation costs when they went tits-up and abandoned mine site. Prez of that former co. now working for GNWT govt. Moral of story… Do not sign off on this sale. It is going to end poorly for Nunavummiut. It always does😑

  6. Posted by Northern Fender on

    Don’t the Chinese bring in their own workers and shut the locals out? They find some loophole, or lobby our officials. I would never trust or do business with them. I hope you this deal does not go through.

  7. Posted by David on

    So without the $680million to upgrade the mine it shuts down and all jobs are lost
    the local economy takes a hit and ………….

  8. Posted by Jon E Canuck on

    China is not interested in the gold mine- that’s a ruse. They are interested in access to the NWP. Security analysts point to a Jan 2018 Chinese document that shows its opinion that the Arctic is international and it has rights to exploration and exploitation of resources and a secret miitary document points to a proposal of stationing nuclear subs on the seabed as a counter threat to any ‘western’ action.
    China clearly disputes Canadian sovereignty and will use the gold mine as an excuse to send ships to service the mine without federal permission to highlight the NWP as ‘international” (also secretly mapping sea floor and temperature planes for its subs)
    Any jobs giving to Inuit will be minor, no matter what they promise (as in the BC coal mine) – it’s a geopolitical scam and Canada should clearly say no!

    • Posted by josywales on

      Yes, everyone should read the BC coal mind fiasco and see what the Chinese tried and did to the Province of BC.

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