Nunavut’s re-opening plan likely coming next week

Speaking at a news conference earlier today, Dr. Michael Patterson, Nunavut’s chief medical officer, said the territory’s re-opening plan will likely be unveiled next week. Patterson said internal restrictions would be lifted first, “starting with the lowest risk encounters and gradually expanding from there.” The first phase will include increasing the number of people who can be together outdoors, scheduling the opening of parks and opening daycares, Patterson said. The public health emergency has also been extended to May 28. There are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Nunavut. (Photo by Emma Tranter)

By Emma Tranter

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  1. Posted by Parksman on

    Closing parks in Nunavut was such a southern move.

    Gotta shake your head.

  2. Posted by The Old Trapper on

    To anyone who thinks that the GN overreacted, they didn’t. It is much better to have to harsh restrictions and not need them than to have Covid-19 loose in Nunavut.
    Sure you might be inconvenienced, you may have kids who missed some school, maybe you couldn’t gossip with your friends as you usually do.
    You can catch up on all of that later, if you are still alive.
    Thank you Dr. Patterson.

  3. Posted by My kids are not your guinea pigs on

    Everytime I hear the GN mention opening day cares 1st my confidence in them decreases and my anxiety increases.

    I insist that the Legislature open and sit first, with Dr Patterson as their honorary guest. Perhaps they can open with a kamik making session where they all chew and slobber on the same soles.

    It is impossible for young kids to be seperated. Toddlers share every thing and put things in their mouth all day long.

    If the legislature and schools had to be closed down, what makes them think it is safe to test opening things up with children. The most vulnerable and valuable of our society.

    #worst idea ever.

  4. Posted by Pj on

    Closing all recreation, curfews, overall communist control is certainly a ‘southern’ move. It’s one thing to be prepared, and stop importing unquarentined rcmp and nurses. It’s another thing to treat humans like swine in a holding pen.

    Certainly people in the south will not like this comment, people are getting very jealous when they see others enjoying life while they ‘follow the rules’. Everyone wants to ‘ stay safe.’ But, this is being used as a mechanism for social control, excuse to persecute and ticket. To separate people under the law and make them want to tattle like children.

    Worst thing anyone could do is want to get tested if it is acting like a cold. As has always been, stay home if you aren’t well and stay away from the friggin health center unless you really need it. And of course you’ve been in contact with “nobody!” Once they get ahold of you, you’ve entered a communist regime for sure.

    Nunavutmuit are lucky in the vast expanse in which we live. Able to provide for families from the land, seasonal foods always available, nice dry climate for drying meat and preserving fur cloths. I feel for people in cities with children. And now nunavut for no reason. Prepared vs. Imprisionment. I hope the passive attitude of doing what your told slowly wears off in Nunavut. The church and res schools did a number on people’s ability to function as human and not a pawn.

    It’s ok to thank the creator In your heart and live free. My kid recently got a fortune cookie that said “Dont let others stop you from doing what you know is right.” True everyone has a view of what right is. I just ask people to consider how they are maneuvered by this current event. Controlled by a fear of something that has always existed, or live a life of taking care of each other, not letting the fear of persecution keep you away from your parents and children.

    Awaiting the smash of paranoid responses…

    • Posted by Living under a rock must be nice on

      Sounds like you have the foundation of a great society: doing right is relative, do whatever you want, and disregard everyone else. Also throw in some bias against the south that supplies Nunavut with all its money and resources. What IQ principle does this derive from?

      Nunavut has been spared the level restrictions as are imposed in the south by swift action and travel restrictions. Many people do not realize how good things are here by comparison. Living in a society means being subject to rules and restrictions on autonomy and freedom. As some great thinkers have said, it is what separates us from the animals.

    • Posted by Pickled Onion on

      Funny comment Pj. If you follow American public discourse you might get exasperated by constant references to ‘communism,’ at least if you know what the term means. I suspect what people who complain like this are really referring to is authoritarianism. On the left people similarly mislabel efforts at government control as fascism. As I see it both sides are referring to the same class of things; grievances against government asking or expecting things they just don’t like. Still, none of this is to deny that governments can’t overreach their power and that these terms are meaningless; though I don’t find your use of the term viable.
      You’re right to point out that government policy in the current context is about social control. But is a society that is unable or unwilling to exert mechanisms of control even possible? Ironically, the kind of libertarian utopia you seem to allude to is the imagined end point of Marx’s dialectical materialism; the model that predicts / prescribes communism itself (yes, that is a bit of a contradiction).
      Before the large national governments of today were able to exert sovereignty over populations religions like Christianity filled this space by setting out rules, commandments and prohibitions. Similarly, in traditional societies when people entered collective space social controls were exerted from chieftains or shamans, were rules were encoded in taboos and superstitions divined from the gods or spirits (less formal, but similar to organized religion). All these systems were prone to abuse. Inuit models of governance and control were among these.
      Back to the point: casting the problem as one were the southern ideas underly some kind of culture of control is to ignore the necessity of controls in any kind of organized social setting.
      What is your alternative? You may find the rules overbearing and unnecessary, and you might even have a point in some cases. But to portray this as a communist dystopia is hyperbolic and really needs qualification to be taken seriously. I don’t think it can be done.
      On the other hand, I would be interested to hear an alternative plan to manage the current situation that doesn’t involve the restrictions you have complained about.

  5. Posted by Andy on

    COVID-19 is all around us and yet you feel that you and your families are invincible. North, South, East or West, nobody is safe at these times, and precautions have to be in place, period.
    I don’t debate that all of this is inconvenient, but it is a very small price to pay. The future is uncertain and nobody can exactly say what will happen in the next year. Will there be a second wave? Will the world have developed a working vaccine? What will be the new normal? There are just no concrete answers at this time.
    What is a year of social distancing worth in comparison to be infected with the virus and to loose loved ones?

    Ask yourself how much the relatives of all the deaths in Canada would love to have another year with their mom, dad, brother, sister, children or friends? Stop the wining, about the mandatory social distancing rules, closing of non-essential businesses and the mandatory self isolation prior to entering Nunavut.
    All of these precautions kept us so far in a safe place and I surely hope it will stay this way. It would be devastating having confirmed cases in Nunavut. The Premier and Dr. Patterson are doing a fantastic job in keeping Nunavut residents safe and the Federal Government is providing financial support, what else can you ask for.

    There is a time in life when selfishness has to be pushed aside and to think and become a Canadian.

  6. Posted by Sam on

    The world has changed,change,adapt,or live like chicken little

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